Whoooa! Controversy! Let me the fuck in! Fat vs. Skinny


Disclaimer:  This blog will prolly piss everybody off.  That’s cool.  I enjoy doing it.  I’m stirring the pot.
If you don’t like what I have to say put up a good defense.  Or get the hell off my page.

Disclaimer part 2: I have been on both sides of this fence, so I CAN say I’ve been there.  5th grade I weighed 200.  8th grade I weighed 180.  Sophmore I weighed 130.  17 – I weighed 160, 20- I weighed 140, 21- 160, and now I weigh 117.  So Eat it.  Choke on it.  And if we’re going to debate… don’t say “You just don’t know”.  Because at 4’5”and 200lbs and 5’3” and 117 I do know.  Fuck off.

Okay, I just read an article stating the outrage that some model isn’t getting as much work now that she’s a size 4.  That it’s ridiculous that the industry norm is a size zero.  — Before I continue, let me give you my view.  I DO think it’s ridiculous.  Even as a size 0/1 myself, I think that women over a size 6/8 are beautiful, I like curves.  I like ass.  I like models like Cindy Crawford before she did coke (in the 80s people).  People my size (weight wise) look funny if they’re over 5’2” in my opinion. —

Anyway, so I’m like ‘Hell yeah! Fight the fashion Nazis!” until I read the rest of the article.  The author went on to say that every size 0/1 is unhealthy, anorexic, unnattractive, and Kate Moss (the wonderful lady who conned the phrase “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” – Way to go Kate Moss, you just started a bunch of 12 year olds on their way to being anorexic.  Thanks).  Okay.  I’m sorry but that irritates the living fuck out of me.  You know what?  Some of us just don’t gain weight.  Some of us are OKAY with our bodies.  I’m 117 and a size 0/1.  I want to gain 10lbs and I’ll be happy.  I’m fit, I run, I walk, I do cardio, and I take care of my body.  I’m proud that I’ve added muscle to my stick frame, I’m proud that I have an ass.  So to turn around and call everyone under a size 12 anorexic pisses me right the fuck off.  Excuse me.  I’m sorry that I am small.  It has it’s disadvantages (like hey, has anyone ever noticed that walmart sells nothing under a size 4… no seriously check online… skinny people are poor too lol) but for the most part, I’m accepting my body.

So while I believe in setting the standard higher (size 6+), I DO NOT believe in bashing the extreme ends of the spectrum.  EVERYBODY is fucking different.  A size 18 can be beautiful as much as a double zero.  I don’t give a fuck with the goddamned american/english standard is.  I don’t care.  EVERYBODY looks different.  So America.  Instead of picking a goddamned side.  Encouraging our youth to be a size 3 or a 12, how about we just start teaching our girls to love themselves, embrace their so called flaws and be proud of their bodies!  I know my generation has been ruined, but don’t ruin it for my daughter and yours.

Man up.  Now someone get me 2 chicken quesadillas from taco bell.  NOW.


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