Oh Chicago, how you amuse me. Where’s my liver at?


Jesuuuus Christ (sorry Christians, it’s just one of those mornings… er… afternoons) I am freakin’ lazy today.  I got home at like… 5:30 this morning?  Yeah.  That sounds right.  The birds were chirping from the trees… basically ridiculing me for not being asleep yet.  I think I told a bird to screw off this morning.  I can happily say that it didn’t respond with anything besides “tweeeeet”.  Which could very well have been a “Go To Hell” in bird language.

So yesterday was Rob’s birthday.  I did what I do best and came down to the city to get him DRUNK.  I managed to stay sober most of the time.  :D  So anyway, we decided to head out to Wicker Park (again, damned hipsters) and after a few drinks I got him into a Burlesque Show.  His first!  Definitely amusing.  By the time the show was over, he was drunk and I had accumulated 3 new “friends”.  We all went over to Empire for hiphop and my new “friends” (well two out of three) spent over 100$ on getting us drunk… well mostly Robert because I’d make him drink every other beer/shot/jack and coke I got (hey, strangers hello…. no date rape for sarah).  So after they closed, me and my little cleancut metalhead from LA decided to go to The Exit (fucking google it… I can’t explain it correctly) which I hadn’t been in in years, and was pretty sure if Robert was sober he’d kick my ass for making him go in there.  More drinks were had.  More attempts and me avoiding.  Then I had to get Rob’s happy birthday drunk ass home.  He lost his debit card.  And I was NOT walking to the L in the rain.  Taxi.  “No, we don’t need a ride thank you, thank you for all the drinks…. sure, take my number.” Does anyone remember the old trick of giving out your number and changing the last digit?  Yeahh.  It’s great.  Works like a charm.

All in all it was good fun minus Rob losing his debit card.  But even though Rob is older than me, I learned…. I’m too fucking old to do this two nights in a row.  *facestab*


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