Yeah Yeah Yeah, I’m bitching again.


Arrrg!  I want to be at the bar.  I had a sitter and extra cash lined up.  Nope.  I have to go be all responsible about it and put that stupid money in my savings account.  Totally gay.  Seriously.  I HATE being responsible, but my goals mean so much to me.  I don’t know.  Seeing people buy new dirt bikes and clothes and things for their houses makes me jealous.


Ahh well.  Hopefully by next summer this shiznit will be all straightened out, I’ll have a good job, my bike, and some cash in savings.  Maybe school… but I have maaany new ideas for that… most of which you all won’t like so I’ll be keeping my big ole trap shut for now.  Neener.

I don’ t know.  I’m in kind of a salty mood right now I guess.  Sitting back pinching pennies watching my friends go out and blow money makes me cranky.  But hey, I just got to remind myself.  I’m the one who owns my own home and car, and have been on my own for far too long.  So while my friends are at the bar, I’m saving money to buy a bike cash.  Job hunting.  Working out.  Working on my house.  All the while they’re living off of mommy and daddy.  Sure, they may have fun now, but seeing as how the majority of them are all a couple years older than me, and I’m already way ahead of the game, they’ll be feeling salty later.  Like tomorrow.  Or after they read this blog (choke on it).

Ehh.  So my health seems to be improving a bit.  I have to nosedive off of the steroids here like, tomorrow since I’m almost out so hopefully it holds.  Can’t be getting sick at a job interview now can I?  Been spending a lot of time working out lately, with my anxiety kicking my ass, it gives me an outlet.  Can’t wait to go running Wednesday (Noodle goes to Tim’s…. ish.), wish I could go tomorrow morning.  It’s nice, I’m starting to notice differences.  For one, I totally have a six pack (but I’ve been doing upwards of 75+ crunches and the like for a year now), I just need to tighten up my skin.  I think I mayyyy save up for plastic surgery after my bike if I haven’t found a way to make it better.  (hey, you try losing 80 lbs and not having extra skin).  My arms and legs are getting more toned and I’m able to lift a little more.  I’ve just got to get some free weights and I’ll be set (anyone want to donate??!  Seriously).

Oh and holy HELL am I tan. I might as well be a mexican.  For real.  That burn really didn’t help much, all though I did peel hardcore today.  Remember putting glue on your hands, letting it dry, and then peeling it off?  Yeah.  The backs of my legs and a strip on my back.  LoL I looked like a goddamn leper there for a minute.  But I’ve been smart about the sunblock since, and actually picked up some off-brand self-tanner/lotion (not like the instant stuff, it tints you over time) to even out my skin.  I always have really tan arms/shoulders/chest.  This year I tanned my legs a bit, but now I can even them out.  I guess I’m halfway to fake n bake, but whatever it looks good, doesn’t hurt or give me cancer.  Plus since it’s a lotion my skin is super smooth.

Okay.  Holy Fucking Goat Balls.  I just went super girly.  I need to do something that negates that.  Fuck.  Uhhhh.

Oh yeaaah!  So I’m totally getting my tatts worked on sometime soon.  I’m thinking this week maybe.  Who knows.  But I’m psyched.  I know I took out almost all of my piercings, but whatever, I think I look better with out them… tattoos though, totally love them and am still planning on getting them all fixed up.  :)) First my wrist, then the stars on my thigh (which apparently are hot on a girl???  Who knew… I didn’t) then my new additions, then my flowers on my shoulders, then my chest piece.  I have to figure out something for my arm, but I’m not too concerned with it.

Sidenote:  I love facebook friend suggestions.  I get to look at all the wenches who made me miserable in highschool and laugh because they’re below me now.  Ha.  Stupid biznitch, enjoy your 5 kids.


One thought on “Yeah Yeah Yeah, I’m bitching again.

  1. JenN-Moo

    HEY! I enjoy my 5 kids just fine! *wink* (only 5 if you count my hubble, and some days, he’s the biggest of them all!)

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