Straight and Narrow. Where’s my beer?


So I’m coming up with this great idea.  I’m going to use an IV to get my coffee in the morning, and one at night to get my beer.  Does that make me lazy?  Yes.  But I consider that genius borderline addict lol.  Eh.  I’m not a nice person in the morning.  This morning, I growled at my neighbor again when she came over, and I’m pretty sure I tried to eat Noodle’s brains before the first cup of coffee.  Mmm Brains. Extra Crispy with a side of BBQ sauce.

But no.  It’s just me again.  Sitting here convincing myself to save money and get on the ball.  Got out of the house today though.  Katie, Noodle and I met Joe and Rob at the beach.  That was 3 hours of glory.  Laying in the sun, listening to the waves and the kids play (ignoring Joe throwing sand at me), putting my feet in the sand and talking to one of my best friends.  It took a lot of nagging to get me to get up and leave when it came time.   There is something sooo sooothing about laying in the sand and listening to the waves.  Makes me forget how currently annoyed with my life I am.  Cooked out after that at my house (after I *totally didn’t drop my phone in the toilet*) and just relaxed.  It was a nice chill day.  Nice and FREEEEE.

Free is the only thing on my agenda.  I’m saving money bitches.  One way or another.

I really am.  I’m trying to be good.  Getting my shit done and passing the rest up.  It’s hard when you have invites to parties, bars, and clubs every other night, but I have to do what’s right for me.  I’m not going to accomplish everything if I’m drinking myself retarded at a bar every night lol.  Well, I’ll accomplish hating my liver.  Or.  My liver trying to stab me in my sleep.  “Hey Liver, back the hell off.  I’m SERIOUS.  I have ONIONS BITCH!’

Tomorrow I have a bunch of shit to get done and I’m not all that happy about it.  But it’ll have to do.

I need to:
-Find a dentist who won’t sue if I bite
-Talk to AVON township
-Mow my front yard
-Deep Clean my house with Katie.
-Clean my car
-Wash my work clothes
-Get my new phone

Blah Blah Blah Blah.

Now off to haunt the internet and remind myself why I’m pushing forward instead of stepping back and treading water.


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