To Whom this may concern, bitch.


Look.  You told me to shut it.  So I’ll write it instead.  You’ll know it’s for you (hell this may apply to a few people).

I admired you.  I looked up to you.  You were the most driven person I had ever met, had such high goals and a strict time table set. You weren’t going to be a bum.  You weren’t going to be lame.  You were going to better your life.  I kicked myself into gear because of you.  I love surrounding myself with people that have high goals and aspirations and push themselves like no other.  It makes me work harder.

I’m just getting slightly worried you’re falling off track.  Your slacking per say.  Not doing all that I know you’re capable of.  I ride every ones ass.  Of course I’m going to bust yours.  I know all about living a dream.  But you have to intertwine that dream with reality and make it work.

Please don’t make me beat you up.  :)


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