Technology rapes me.


Okay.  So I’m pretty sure that I suck at life with out my blackberry.  I am 100% sure that  I suck at keeping my phone for longer than 2 months.  Seriously, this is my 4th phone this year.  Yeah, I said 4th.

So I forgot to write about my epic failure as a member of the technology generation.  So after the beach yesterday, Katie and I stopped at Jewel Osco to pick up some groceries for our cook out and clean up my short one who was covered in sand and popsicle.  I stick my phone in my back pocket and get to work scrubbing her in the sink.  After she got as clean as she possibly could be, I had Katie watch her so I could go to the washroom.  I go in the stall, pull down my pants, and CLANG, PLOP.  My fucking phone fell out of my back pocket and directly into the goddamned toilet LMAO.

It’s completely shot.  So after going to the Sprint Store I managed to get them to overnight me one.  It should be here today.  Which is a good thing seeing as how I know absolutely NO ones numbers, and apparently can’t function with out facebook mobile, wordpress mobile or texting.  Talk about phantom phone vibrations.  I swear my phone went off 2 times last night, even though it was in my car in pieces.  FAIL.


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