Here it comes, I can feel it. Where is the Xanax when you need it!?


Ugh.  So, do you ever have one of those days where you wake up, get out of bed, and immediately stub your toe?  Or spill your coffee? Or your cat vomited on the floor?  *facestab* You’re like “Okay, I can deal with this.  I can do this.  I can get through this day with out trying to wipe out everyone in my county!” even though you know that’s not how it’s going to work.

Yeaaaah.  I can just tell.  Today is going to be one of those days, and no amount of positive thinking is going to change it.  I woke up earlier than I wanted to because my stomach decided it was time to get sick.  I walk out of my room and slam my elbow into the door frame.  So while I’m standing there cursing the asshole who invented door frames my daughter comes out, goes into the living room and comes back yelling at the top of her lungs “Mama!  Cat Puke!”.  The cat puked on my throw rug.  I go and make my coffee with a paper towel because I’m out of filters.  I let my dogs out and they immediately run to the back fence and bark at the other dog who is conviently outside.  Consistantly bark.  My neighbor starts yelling.  My cats are meowing.  My daughter is chanting “Dogs naughty”.  And I trip over a cat and hit the same elbow on my china cabinet.

My dogs are in the crate.  My daughter is eating popcorn for breakfast (sue me).  I’m sitting in my room with my coffee pretending I’m on the beach.  It’s not working.  Klonopin where art thou?

I can just tell today is going to suck.  My morning has made me want a frontal lobotomy a beer a vacation an I don’t think it’s going to get better.

I’m still waiting for my phone to arrive.  It was supposed to arrive at my house yesterday.  I waited all day.  Nothing.  My old phone turns on, but the keypad/scroll bar doesn’t work.  I have 47 new text messages that I’ll never read and it’s driving me insane.  I can’t call, text or check my voicemail.  I really need to though.  I have to find out if Tim is coming to pick up Noodle for sure or not (he has a lovely habit of not having gas in his truck) because today is my first day back at work.  I don’t know about you, but I can totally see how this day is going to play out.



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