I am a hot mess.


My insides are eating me! My insides are eating me!  My insides are eating me!

BUT.  Noodle is with her dad, so I’m just relaxing with my coffee and surfing the web in peace.  Ahhh.  Silence.  Well besides the noises of my fish renovating their tank.  I love mornings.  I do.  If they’re peaceful.  I love to just sit back with my coffee and relax.  It’s true.  I’m a horrendous bitch-face not a morning person, but it is still my favorite part of the day. Usually around now, I’d be on my front step with my coffee, but seeing as how it’s hotter than the devil’s ass crack right now, my bedroom is just fine.  Happy Summer everyone!

So.  Work.  Yeah.  Work.  I went back to my part time job yesterday.  Wow, I hadn’t realized how much I missed that place.  I walked in the employee entrance and heard a whistle and catcall, turning around I spotted Ducky’s big black ass and I nearly knocked him down!  Instantly with the “Gun Show” and me squealing like a little girl.  I get upstairs and change and my bosses Rebbecca and Kira spot me and both of them welcome me back (even though I’m still sure that Kira is a blood sucking vampire who’d rather drain me and put me in soup than talk to me) and offer me a day shift (ahh, to be one of the only competent of age employees).  Juan sees me and starts whining about me not saying good bye and how we need to go dirtbiking (I knocked him over… it was easier than ducky seeing as how I’m 2 inches taller than him).  Tim, Jenny and Matt all had their jaws on the ground… “So, you no call no show for 3 days, quit, and they STILL take you back??”  Yessir.  This place loves me.  And I love this place.  The cooks get on me. And Husband, or Seth, immediately jumps on my health.

It’s like a dysfunctional family made up off teenagers, a blood sucking vampire, mexicans, a faith healer, the Black Hulk and myself.  As much as they get on my nerves.  I love them and I’m glad to be back.  Fake Boyfriend/Fabio/Nick will be there tonight, I can’t wait to see his underaged ass, I was supposed to hang out with him last night but totally spaced.

Sooo.  Things have changed there.  The 2 managers aren’t managers anymore.  Seth is training Matt and myself to bartend so he can be the manager.  Sooo.  I’ll be bartending most of the time, Matt will be my back up… but I still get to serve if I want to, which is a plus because I love my residents (who also had a shit fit).  Ahh.  I’m glad to be back.  It’s still not enough hours.  But I’m glad to be back.


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