No you can’t have another drink.


Today.  Was boring.  All I had to amuse me at work was Mrs. W’s drunk ass, and theeee pickiest couple I have ever met.  Seriously.  Okay.  So dude orders his freakin’ Manhattan no ice and his wife a glass of cheap Merlot.  I bring it over.  I didn’t even get to set her glass on the table and she starts in with “What a skimpy glass of wine!  Oh my GOD that’s so skimpy”.  I looked her plain in the face and said “Look.  I’m only allowed to give you 6 oz.  I gave you 10.  Get off of it. ” and walked away.  She huffed and puffed all the way through her insanely full glass of wine.  She may hate me, but her other guests gave me great reviews.  So screw off old lady.  Other than that it was just Mrs. W.  This is the lady who is known for running people over with her walker when she’s too drunk.  She brings her own ice.  She has drank up to 6 shots of straight gin.  She’s also 95 fucking years old.  I’m 24.  I take 3 shots of gin and I’m retarded.  She came in drunk today, and I had to cut her off after 4 shots.  There is only soo much a 95 year old 100lb woman can drink with out me being sued.  LoL   She cursed for a while then told me a 20 minute story about how her daughter is trying to kill her and take her money but still brings her her tangueray every day.  *facepalm*  That was my day.  I loved it so much I picked up a double for tomorrow.

Ahh.  Old people.  Gottah love them.  Or not.  I mostly just go through the motions with an obscene smile on my face, which apparently works really well seeing as I’m a favorite among the almost dead.   Don’t get me wrong, there’s a couple residents whom I adore, but for the most part I want to stab myself in the face after talking to them for a couple hours.  Oh my God.  I’m actually kind of glad that I don’t get tips.  I’m sure these stingy people wouldn’t give me much anyway lol.  Besides an earful about how short my hair is, how pretty I am, or how great it is that I want to be an accountant.  *shrugs*  I think I once told Mrs W that I wanted to work with the stock market to get her to shut up.


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