I am grateful, even if you fuckers annoy me.


Okay.  That last blog of mine was a tiny bit too whiny.  I seriously sound like a teenager.  I think I’m going to just start drinking more instead of pouring out my emo-soul on my computer lol.  But it did cause some good, I got to see how much people care about me, even if I’ve only know them for a little while.  After I posted that blog, I had a ton of text messages come in asking if I needed various things.  I just wanted to say thank you every one for paying attention to this blog and giving a shit about me, especially since I’ve been less than cordial to all of you.  It’s been a rough time lately, and I’m having a hard time trucking through, but knowing I have people who care makes it a tiny bit easier.

The day before Yesterday Katie came over, we had plans to have a coffee day but when she showed up I was fighting off an anxiety attack on my front stoop.  (Yes.  Stoop.) She grilled me about what was wrong and I spilled it all.  So after a few cigarettes and some time spent making fun of her boyfriend’s friends, we got moving.  Went to the dollar store and got some cleaning supplies and Katie bought all of my cats and dogs flea meds.  We grabbed some starbucks and went home to get started.  With Katie’s help and company, we cleaned the entire kitchen, mudroom (I filled my outside trashcan), living room, windows, carpets, you name it.  I feel so much better.  It’s one less thing I have to worry about.  Plus, my living room is rearranged, it looks AWESOME!!

But I just wanted to say thank you to all of my friends, thanks for asking to help, thanks for checking up on me, and thanks for dealing with me going all super bi-polar crazy on you.  <3 Much love.


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