It’s raining men! Oh. It’s not? What about twinkies?


There is nothing I love more about the summer than thunderstorms and rain!  There is something to be said about sitting in bed with my window wide open listening to the rain fall and the cracks of thunder.  There’s just something soothing about it, it clears my head and despite the fact that sometimes it makes me lonely, it calms me down.

But it would still be better if it was raining men.

If not men… twinkies.

Hell, I’d even settle for snowballs, not of the snow variety.

Seriously, how cool would that be.  You’re just sitting out back, drinking a beer and this gorgeous 6 ft built foreign piece of ass just falls from the sky?  Hell, I’d be excited.  I’d only need a couple of them (so I could have my choice come one now, I’m not THAT perverted) and then the twinkies falling from the sky bliss could commence.

I’d be all…

Oh hey sky man, come and let me sit on your lap.

Oh look, there’s another one….

That one looks like Jack Bauer…  *drool*



2 thoughts on “It’s raining men! Oh. It’s not? What about twinkies?

  1. chocolate, can it rain that instead? I’m just saying… Here it doesn’t rain, we have tornadoes… which would mean I’d get blood all over muh house. gah. battered men, covering muh lawn all crying for their foreign mommies. *headoven*

  2. JenN-Moo

    Mmmmm…choklit rain drops, now THOSE I would catch on my tongue. Maybe the men too. teehee But I’d like a few of those men too please, I need handy ones that can take care of all the stuff around the house that my sexy loving hubble just sucks at!

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