Because wheelies were cool the first 20 times you did them.


I finally ran into someone from my past that didn’t make me groan and roll my eyes.  My buddy T was at Pugs not this past Saturday but the one before.  We had bullshitted, exchanged numbers, and went on our merry ways.  Didn’t expect to hear from him, because honestly, people from my past, stay in my past, and I prefer it that way.  But last night he got a hold of me.  Wanted to bring me with on a ride with his friends.  Beer.  Yes.  So I begged Charles (thank you so much homie, I totally love you forever) to watch the Nood so I could go.  I was out that door with my helmet faster than a crack head after a crack rock.

Went riding with him and his friends and it was definitely a nice release.  After a few stops, got to catch up on the past over a few drinks.  Stayed out much later than I intended, and I’m sure he had to sleep on the couch last night because of the late hour he got home.  But it was nice to be able to bullshit with someone who has similar interests to me, not to mention catching up… it’s definitely been like 10 years since I’ve seen this guy.  Ahh the old days.

So here’s to old friends, night rides, and good drinks.

Oh.  And Ron, I doubt you’re reading this, but as I said last night, you’re an asshole and you better be at GD on monday.


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