Rohypnol, shady people, and the city.


Warning:  If a single fucking person tells me that I was stupid to leave my water alone, don’t fucking bother, I realize this.  Also.  No shit talking.  This is the one post that I will not tolerate it on, whether it be via comments, IMs, or private messages, or face to face.  If you talk shit, I will break your jaw.

So last night was most likely the worst night I’ve had in a long time.  I don’t remember feeling that scared, terrified even before.  I’m sure I have, but this is just too fresh to put in the back of my head.  The whole ordeal has left me feeling invaded, vulnerable, and most importantly betrayed.

I went down to the Green Dolphin with a friend and his friends and met Rob down there.  It started out alright, had a few drinks before we left, seeing as how the city is so damned expensive, and headed on down.  I had 2 drinks before we left.  When we got there I had another.  Slightly tipsy but I felt kind of dehydrated so I got some water and wandered around.  There was this group of people sitting down, and they invited me to sit with them.  Turns out they were in the Army and we chit chatted about the naval base, Chicago, and dealt a lot of small talk out.  I was almost done with my water so I got up to go get another one from the bartender.  Came back and sat down, finished my water and started drinking the new one.  About halfway through I started feeling really lightheaded and queasy.  Kind of like how I feel if I had smoked pot.  At first I brushed it off, but it started getting worse.  I started to feel down right fucked up.  Then, one of the guys mentioned going to a hotel room and started grabbing my arm.  I immediately got up and ran to the bathroom.  I started to think I had been slipped something so I tried to throw up, but couldn’t.  When I stood up in the bathroom, the world spun and I got scared.  I had to have been slipped something, 3 drinks and 2 waters in 5 hours does not a drunk Sarah make.  So I tried to go find someone I knew.  I made it out on the patio after realizing that I couldn’t find anyone and I remember telling a stranger that I think I was slipped something in my drink.  He sat with me for a little bit, but I assume he left when my friend walked up.  I immediately tried explaining to him that I think I was slipped something, I remember him asking me how much I had to drink and going inside.  I don’t remember this but apparently I was led inside and sat down on a booth, where I passed out.  My friend then asked Robert to “babysit” me so he could go dance.  The next thing I remember is being outside and crying to Robert, explaining that I got slipped something, that something was wrong with me, that I wasn’t drunk and that I need to go to the hospital.  He told him he’d stick up for me and wouldn’t leave me.  The next thing I remember is not being able to move outside in a chair and my friend telling me I was fine and not being able to do anything but cry.  After that I remember sitting outside the club talking to Robert telling him I was scared.  Telling him that no one believed me.  Telling him that I couldn’t move my legs or arms.  That I wanted to sleep, that it was hard to talk.  Him telling me he believed me.

I don’t remember anything after that, somehow I made it home and into my house.  I do remember waking up a little after dawn and going to the neighbors and telling them I was drugged and needed to go to the Er.  I remember getting in an ER room and blood tests.  I remember talking to a counselor and having an exam done.  I had a decent amount of Rohypnol (also known as Roofies, and the date rape drug) in my system, so I had to be monitored, mostly my heart rate and respiration.  I was given a number to a detective so I can call, but since I was brought up from the county I was in, the counselor wasn’t sure what they could do.  If I had been taking to the ER immediately (when I had asked), in the county I was in, chances are we could’ve done something.  I came home after that and slept.

As most of you know, I am always going dancing or going to the bar.  Usually I bring my drinks with me wherever I go, but unfortunately I let my gaurd down, and thought that since it was just water, it was no big deal.  As a result, I was drugged against my will and even though I was not sexually violated,  I am now scared.  So please, never ever leave your drink somewhere, even just for a minute, regardless of who you are talking to.

I think another thing that really bothers me is my friend (not Robert, he’s the only reason I made it through in one piece and the only one who believed me, and the only one who didn’t leave me by myself to pass out in a club with the people who drugged me) couldn’t be bothered enough to leave the club.  That he chose drinking, drugging, and dancing over my well being, even after I told him I needed a hospital. I was taken home hours later,  instead of to a hospital.  I guess another thing I want to say is be careful who you drink with.  Be careful of whom you consider your friends.  They may not be your friends at all and regardless of how well you think you know them, or how familiar you are with your surroundings, you are not safe.


One thought on “Rohypnol, shady people, and the city.

  1. JenN-Moo

    Oh Sarah! how freaking scary! I was terrified for you just reading this. It is a very good piece of advice to never leave your drink alone, and as awful as what happened to you is, i am so glad it wasn’t more awful! (((HUGS)))

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