As Bottles Call My Name, I Won’t See You Tonight


So it’s been a real rough week over here in Sarah-Goes-Batshit-Insane land.  Yes, I have my own land now.  I do.  It’s actually half of the United States.  I started taking over and just didn’t tell anyone.  >_<

I’m alive though.  I am.  Monday really shook me up, it made me realize a lot of things, and changed my way of thinking.  I guess in a way it set me back, you know, kind of towards I’ll-kick-you-in-the-balls-before-you-see-I-have-emotions Sarah.  Honestly though, how am I going to help that.  I feel betrayed by someone I thought was my friend despite our rocky past.  Then, to top it off, I wanted people to come out with me, you know, like moral support, last night and no one that I expected to showed.  Some had valid reasons (like work, or living in another state) but most didn’t.  So when I needed everyone the most, 90% of my friends bailed.  It really showed me how much people care about me, despite how much I care about them.  I guess that’s life though.  My little friend group was getting too large anyway, now I can whittle it down to a few (highly unexpected) friends.  Thank you to those who have talked me through this, called me, IMed me, came out, and threatened violence.  I love you guys, and you’re my support network.  Everyone else can eat a big fat one.  Seriously.

Beyond that, I guess I’m alright.  Just been trying to stay busy as usual, but with the lack of work (only 20 hours at work these next couple weeks), it’s definitely been hard.  Still searching for steady work, but I’m really not getting in bites.  Which really is starting to get to me.  Which makes me want a beer.  After said beer, I get agitated.  Then the cycle starts over.  *Rolls Eyes*

I don’ t know.  Not much to this blog, I guess I have a lot on my mind, that I actually don’t feel like spilling to the entire internet for a change.  Meh.


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