Over and Over. Where’s my wine?


My heads a little crazy today.  Just writing to clear it.  It might not make sense.


Last night was fun, after being ditched by Mr. Food Poisoning, I decided to visit Bud up at The Village Spirit.  Between him and Adam, I was amused.  Dancing.  Music.  Drinks.  Drunk People.  Always make me forget.  Hadn’t been up there since last Halloween.  I brought like 8 people up there after a house party and a couple other bars… and got them in for free… and got free shots from an awesome bouncer.  Apple Pie shots.  I remember.  Kind of.  He was there last night, I recognized him but couldn’t place him.  He remembered me though.  Ha.  I think I was a lush.

Nice to see Bud.  Nice to see something wasn’t destroyed by my divorce.  Hope to be friends.  It actually kind of saddens me that him and Tim aren’t close.  Oh well.  I can’t fix other peoples problems anymore, bullocks to Tim.  It was nice to get out even though it wasn’t riding (all though several promises have been made to “make it up to me” *snort*).

Today? *facestab* Didn’t sleep a whole lot, woke up in a crap mood, and then dealt with my dogs mauling each other.  Well Star mauling Lily.  Okay.  Not mauling.  Biting.  They were crated for getting into the trash (again, oh my fucking god that’s getting old), and they got into a tif.  I went back to check on them and Lily’s snout is covered in blood.  I let her in the backyard and go look, blood is just pouring off her snout.  My neighbors come over and lend me their animal antiseptic spray and I drug lily and put her in the crate.  It looks like she’s alright, two puncture wounds on her face, and of course facial wounds bleed a lot so there was blood EVERYWHERE.  The kitchen, outside, me, her, the crate.  She’ll be fine though.  Now I just have to get another crate so I can keep them separated.  *facestab pt 2*  Because I’m just made of money.

Ugh.  So I found my distraction.  I did.  Boy is it uncanny.  While ranting and raving last night I actually confused myself about what and whom I was ranting about lol.  I seriously bashed my head into my steering wheel once I figured it out.  Haha.  Go figure.  But oh how I do love my distractions.

Got a call back about some job.  Some cafe.  Some server position.  Returned the call today… no answer… hope to hear back tomorrow.  Oh how nice it’d be to make tips again.  But I don’t want to leave my current job though, but seeing as how it’s at night, I don’t think I can keep it.  I don’t know.  I rule that place, but I think me quitting twice might irk them, and I’m not sure they’d take me back a 2nd time in 2 months, so I’m worried.  We’ll see, who knows, I might not even get the job.  Ha.

Meh.  I guess life is alright.  I mean it could be worse right?  I just keep reminding myself of that, but it’s hard.  Most of the day I’m alright, at work I’m great, I get off work and I get pissy and want to drink.  Nothing like staring at a bottle of jack and not drinking it to prove a point to irritate you at midnight.  I know my limits though.  It’s okay to drink every once in a while, to kick back and relax, but I have crap to take care of so that can’t be an every day thing.  I mean, hell, the only appropriate drunk I can turn into is the box -o- wine mom, and I really dislike wine.

I’m getting tired of being ahead minus the full time job though.  Seriously.  I feel like I can’t relate to pretty much everyone.  Some days I get so antsy about being stagnant and up my drive to do bigger and better, but seriously? Then when I tell people what’s going on I get crazy looks.  I mean, mostly people I just meet.  Yes.  I’m 24.  Yes.  I own my own house and car.  Yes.  I’m buying a motorcycle either this winter or spring (Yeehaw baby, getting to antsy and the deals are getting hard to pass up).  Yes. I have a 3 year old, dogs, but I only have a chain link fence.  None of that picket shit here.  Yes I’m a semester or two depending on part time or full time away from my BA.  *facepalm*.

It’s like you hear people all the time wanting to meet someone who’s on their game and has their track set.  But when asked and I elaborate about my life (like what I wrote above), people act like they’d be much more comfortable if I said I was living in my mother’s basement.  So I only tell people about my lack of job now. It’s a lot less awkward for me.

Oh.  And Finding Nemo.  Totally gay.  Dori is the shit, but seriously kid, must we watch this a 3rd time??


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