“You want me to do WHAT?” “Jesus it’s not 1950” (an ode to feminists and sexuality… tmi/graphic)


WARNING: This post is graphic. You most likely don’t want to know this much about me, or think this much about yourself. The other half of you is going to bring some of this up in the sack tonight.  Hey femi-nazis!  This one’s for you!  You’re just lucky I’m not barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen right now.

*Grumbles*  Fucking Feminists getting all in my hair.

Hey.  Do you all remember back in grade school, you know, that SEX-ED class?  You learned what ovaries were, how penises worked and if you were lucky enough to be in my class, you got to shout PENIS PENIS PENIS and VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA like I did, with out going straight to in-school (granted, I used other words at that moment in time).  Well welcome to another awkward moment of your life, this time its you’re adult life.  If you don’t feel awkward reading this and can look me in the eye afterwards, we’re totally on the same page… if you do feel queasy and think I’m less of a woman… well… on the topic of sex… go CHOKE ONE A BIG ONE.


Every girl says she loves a little kink.  What that actually means to each individual is different, but whatev.  To me it’s anything beyond vanilla sex.  I very VERY rarely like plain ole sex.  You know, missionary (I also consider girl on top vanilla if that’s all your doing) bang bang bang we’re done sex.  I like different things. I like choking (to both choke and be choked).  I like slapping (not to the point of bruises).  I like degrading dirty talk.  I like to be spit on.  I like to use toys BEFORE DURING AND AFTER sex.  I like porn.  I like a lot of porn actually.  I like hair pulling.  Ropes, Handcuffs, Restraints and bruises on my wrists and thighs in the morning.  I like “face fucking” and sometimes other “naughty things”.  Throw me around a little bit, call me a slut, and lets go at it like 16 year olds who just discovered their parents pornos.

Either you’re scared.  Showing your Significant Other.  Or whacking it.  Whatever.

The Responses I Usually Got

This is the part that I don’t get.  Guys watch so much porno that has the girl as the subordinate, where the male is dominate and doing very degrading things to girls.  You know.  80% of you out there caught your significant other watching a porno where a guy cums all over the girls face or some other form of degregation.   So when approached in real life situations, why do a lot of guys panic.  I mean, I understand if you’ve never been involved in a little kink, be nervous, it may not be for you, but to practically run screaming out of the bedroom?  Come onnnn.  You’re the one with balls here.  Not me.  I remember the first time I “asked” a guy to choke me.  We were going at it like only 18 year olds with out stretch marked covered BODIES can do, and I pushed his hand up to my neck and pushed down.  He LITERALLY jumped off the bed.  “What the hell was that?”  Okay seriously dude, at least I didn’t ask you to spit on my face instead.  Guys have the strangest responses, but I found out a way to figure out what a guy is into before freaking them out.  Talking.  I mean, most of them still grimace, but a lot of the time you’ll see that a guy is willing to try almost anything to please his lady.  Sometimes they like it sometimes they don’t.  It’s a matter of broaching that topic first, hell, I talk about sex before I even enter a committed relationship, mostly because sex is so important to me that I want to be sure I’ll be satisfied if I’m going to be with a man.

The Feminists (Femi-nazis)

From the women I’ve talked to in the past few years, I’ve discovered that a lot of them do have a kinky side (even if it’s relegated to a spanking or a little hair tug), but the women who do not act on it are shying back because of the Feminists.  We have grown up in an age where Feminism has been warped, and all females are taught to be independant, and most importantly dominate in all aspects of our lives.  Hell.  Pick up a Cosmo.  Have you read the bullshit they say guys have to do to get in our pants?  I mean, sure some girls love a bubble bath filled with rose petals and a massage.  But honestly?  You know what we get hot over?  That one time it was rough.  You know.  Where my shirt never came off and I walked funny the next day?  Sure, buy me flowers, but if all you do is whisper sweet nothings in my ear and lay on top of me trying to be GENTLE I’m prolly going to hit you, insult your manhood, and throw you out of my house.

Feminists get in such an uproar over the fact that women like to be DOMINATED.  You know what you freakin nazis?  I control every single aspect of my life, sue me if I want to be under someone elses control in the bedroom, I like bruises on my knees.  That’s where Feminists have gone wrong.  (This also pertains to the topics of Stay at Home Mothers, and Abortions- which I’ve written about and will link to later) Feminism isn’t about being dominate and better than men.  It’s not about “I have chest-ticles hear me roar!” It’s about equal rights.  It’s about CHOICE.  The point of feminism is to have the right to CHOOSE whether or not you want a career or you’d rather raise your children at home.  To be able to choose whether or not you drive or do not.  To be able to choose whether or not you have soft soothing sex or rough screaming sex.  CHOICE Is the point.

The Point

Screw the feminazis.  Women.  Get familiar with your sexuality.  It’s okay.  It won’t bite.  (unless you want it to).  It’s okay if you’re vanilla or so full of kink you have a collar.  Say what you want, do what you want, and don’t settle.  It’s completely okay to try something out of the norm, just to see if you like it.  A lot of women and men are surprised.  Most of all, even when you freak someone out, do not be ashamed of what you like just because Glamour and Cosmo don’t list it in their 27 DO and DONTs of the bedroom.

You never know.

Are you freaked out now?


5 thoughts on ““You want me to do WHAT?” “Jesus it’s not 1950” (an ode to feminists and sexuality… tmi/graphic)

  1. Nick

    As long as it is consensual form both people, who cares!! Some chicks just like it like that!! I don’t have a problem giving it to them the way they like it.. Just how i want them to give it to me they way i like it!!

  2. JenN-Moo

    Mmmm….vanilla…Wait, what were we talking about again??


    Kink is subjective. What is kink to one may be vanilla to another. A little hair tug, a little force…meh

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