Follow the Yellow Brick Road… Ooo Sparkles.


I am on this retarded never ending quest for happiness.  Well, not a quest really.  I just do things that make me happy.  I achieve things that make me happy.  I make things happen that make me happy.  Being happy is my goal through out my life, no matter how short or long it is.  Sometimes I’m happy all around, sometimes it’s over a person, sometimes something material.  Either way, I strive to get that glow that people notice.  Once I set my sights on something (minus one time that was completely out of my control) I either keep going until I get it, or I lose interest because of something with a bit more sparkle.

In my never ending trip down the yellow brick road, my life gets quick comical.  Sometimes it’s one of the FML moments that you look back on.  Sometimes it’s an OMG SERIOUSLY moment that you pick up on as it’s happening.  Comedy at it’s best.  Yes.  My life.  I was going through the text messages in my inbox today before I deleted them… all 503 of them (from 2 weeks.  hahaha).  Jesus Christ the shit I’ve gotten myself into, and the current swirling affair my life is at the moment makes me want to crack up in hilarity and simultaneously drink a beer.

First I found my distraction, then confused said distraction with what I was distracting myself from when I was pissed.  I stumbled into the past a few times and came out with a couple of “trinkets”, then I was told I was delicious enough to cook up and eat with taters.  I swear, if one more person starts calling me killer on a regular basis I’m getting it tattooed on me.  Hell.  I might just do it anyway at this point, got a really cute idea.  So there’s been lots of Brrraaaap lately and Boom Boom.  There’s been tears, drinks, and bad karaoke followed by the making of the human tree.  (side note, a category called “adult time” just popped up in my options for my blogs… so didn’t put that there…. WordPress are you trying to tell me something??).  There’s been anger and hilarity and Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.  There’s been bottles and beers and spinning tires and deals.  There’s been so much, and I realize what a crazy (hot)mess my life has turned into with out me noticing it.

So while I’m still hurt and healing and I wish I could go back in time and change things, I also wouldn’t have all of this context to keep me and others laughing for days to come.

Oh girls, I can’t wait to tell you about all of this nonsense tonight.  Time to get the coffee a brewing soon!


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