Embrace your flaws. Even if no one wants you to.


Flaws.  I have them, you have them, stop arguing with me.  You have them!  I SAW THEM!  OH MY GOD.  Stop lying.  Now.

Flaws.  Yes.  The things that we are bred to hide our entire lives.  Physical flaws, Emotional flaws, Social(ly psychotic) flaws.  We all have them.  Some have a few, others, like me, are one big giant walking flaw (but hey, my flawed butt looks good in jeans).

We grew up being told to be the best that we can be.  Which I agree.  You always have to keep trying and moving forward, but when we were kids it was like it was ingrained in our pretty little domes that we keep our imperfections to ourselves. You HAVE to do good at school.  You HAVE to be good at gym.  You HAVE to have hobbies that are socially acceptable (okay well apparently beating every boy in the neighborhood into submission ISN’T socially acceptable).  Are your eyes too small?  Accentuate your lips.  Hair too frizzy?  DEEP CONDITIONING BABY.  Stomach not perfect?  Yeah well my generation was the one that created the tankkini (which I totally wear).

Flaws?  Hide them.  Distract from them.  Be ashamed of them.

Well.  As most of you know, I am incredibly lazy and I USED to be as unique as they come.  Why oh why do we have to  hide our flaws?  I was at work talking to one of my female co-workers the other day, and she noticed I have a spray of freckles over my cheeks and nose.  She immediately smoothed over her face and said “I have freckles too, but I have this awesome cover-up that I use, want to try some?”.  *snort*  Yeaah no.  First off, the world is lucky if I was my hair every other day, much less put make up on every day (I find if you leave it on through the night you totally get that dark smokey eye thing.. yeah I’m not lazy at all).  Since when do people cover freckles?  Really?  My freckles are a flaw?  Well Gee, what about my 17 horrible tattoos?  Do you have enough cover up for those?

I have a ton of flaws.  Sagging skin, unmastered eyebrows, my ability to automatically talk out of my ass if I’m nervous.  I have scars on my legs from being “too outdoorsy”, when I tan, they show up.  Hmm.  Oh.  And my stomach looks like a roadmap courtesy of the two children I brought into this world.

Some people may think my confidence is a flaw.  I tend to be over confident for no reason.  Well, you know why?  When I was a kid, I was overweight, I was untalented in anything that didn’t involve fighting or later on drinking.  The world made fun of me.   The world told me to hide my flaws.  I did.  I tried to fit in.  Then I tried to distract from my flaws.  I wore crazy clothes and such.  Then you know what?  I decided to say fuck it.

Today? I wear short shorts despite that my legs have little dimples.  I throw my hair in a messy ponytail because… well.. I’m too lazy to wash and style it.  Make up?  Well I put on mascara 2 days ago… it might still be there.  I get bored so I talk to strangers, I wear my high heels only to switch them out to go hiking.  Oh and riding an 80 mini bike in stilletos?  TOTALLY FUNNY.  I lose my patience with my daughter and realize yeah, it was wrong, but I’m NOT perfect. Oh and guess what girls?  I’m a GIRL and I still break a sweat.  If I go running, riding, walking, hell sometimes it’s just too hot and I GET SWEATY.  I prob smell too.  If I’m playing softball I’m sweaty.  Its okay.  I promise.  Just because I sweat and get gross doesn’t make my vagina disappear.

I smile when I see other people that embrace their flaws.  Other people who have confidence in who they are despite what society doesn’t “accept”.  So ladies and gents.  Try to not worry about what’s “wrong with you” and just enjoy life.  I’m off to go play in the backyard… and I *might* shower before I go to work… but sometimes I think  “warzone, ohmygodshewalkedintoamudpit” looks good on me.


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