Positive thinking and mentally punching yourself in the gut.


I feel a little better now.  I took a day off.  Not just of work, but from everything short of taking care of my daughter.  I am still in my pajamas and it’s damn near 5pm.  Yup.  Today, I am lazy.  I took a 3 hour nap 2 hours after waking up.  I haven’t showered yet (what? I’m staying in my Pj’s as long as I can so why bother until later?).  My living room looks like a barbie house exploded (which it very well may have) and now?  I’m sitting online while my daughter naps.  I deserve it.

I am ridiculously proud that I managed to take a day off.
From Everything.

My days off of work usually consist of obnoxious amounts of cleaning, playing outside and errand running.  Usually by The Short One’s bedtime, I am so worn out that I don’t want to do much besides lay around and think of the things I could’ve done with my day off.  Even on my “easy” days I can’t just sit by and look at a mess.  I still feel a great need to cook a huge breakfast/lunch (guess what, Noodle just had marshmallow cereal this morning).  Oh yeah.

So today, every time I started to binge clean, I had to mentally punch myself in the gut.  I stayed home from work today to give myself a break and let my body rest.  Not to scrub my bathroom floor.  For the first time in a long time, I’m putting things off.  I’m not doing anything remotely productive today unless you count watching Chowder sprawled out on the couch with a huge glass of chocolate milk.

I don’t feel AS sick as this morning, but if I can remind myself to take it easy and deal with the constant whirlwind of stress that my life has become, one moment at a time, I may be able to help my body into remission.

*raises chocolate milk*

So here’s to laziness, even if it’s just one day!


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