I found myself again, but nearly lost my mind.


I’m back.  I’m back.  I’m mothafuckin back!

I finally realized it.  Should picked up on it a few days ago.  I’m moving on.  Or moved on.  Or am good.  Or maybe it’s just extremely distracted.  But Yeah.  I’m back.  You wanna know how I knew?  Do ya do ya do ya?  I was driving to Mandy’s house and listening to Social Distortion’s “Don’t Drag Me Down” and during the guitar solo I immediately started rocking out/dancing like a fool in my car.  Carefree.  Happy.  Optimistic.  For the last 2 months, I really haven’t listened to Social Distortion, hits too close to home this year and I couldn’t feel the goosebumps and the feeling of freedom that I usually do during the solos.  I felt too down, too lonely, too heartbroken.

Drum Roll Please Bitches…

Here’s some songs that are important today

The first one, to love lost, and letting love go.

Followed by a song that makes me want to put on my fishnets and stilettos!

Things aren’t great.  Things need to improve.  But I don’t feel empty.

Oh the pretty things on the horizon.


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