Bummin it. Slummin it. Bummin in the Slums? What?


Blah.  I am really in a strange mood tonight.  Maybe it’s the lack of food today, the hangover I’m STILL battling, or my lack of sleep.  Either way I’m mellow, lonely, but snarky.  I don’t know.  I do know that NOTHING is getting me out of the house tonight, even to my own surprise.  Was supposed to have a drink with my favorite bouncer.  Rather save money.  Was supposed to go with Mary to watch a volley ball game, I think, not enough money.  She wants me to meet up with that Johnny guy.  Eh.  I’ll get to it, I’m just in a weird mood.

I think for tonight it’s going to be a pack of twizzlers, some NCIS and me on my couch.  I can’t believe that I’m actually staying in when technically I could go out.  Hrrm.  Maybe somethings wrong with my brain.  I’m still a little sad from earlier, but usually that’s more than a good enough reason to let other people buy me drinks, but… I’m just not feeling it.  I barely responded to T today… which again, caught me off gaurd.  Heeerrrrmmmm.

Ah well.  Last night was fun, tiring but fun.  I went out this last Saturday too.  Plus I have a busy week ahead.  Tomorrow work and then Pugs (maybe) (I’d much rather someone go out to coffee with me), Friday during the day I want to go see my Noodlers at her Dad’s, then I have to leave in the early afternoon to head up north for my Dad’s bday party… where I plan on being drunk and on an atv.  Linda got me a hotel room up there so I don’t have to drive home at boofou in the morning.  So I’ll prolly putz around up there for a while during the day on Saturday before I come home.  Then it’s a night out with my favorite pretty thing to look at, and Sunday is cleaning and Noodle.

Bah.  I want it to be last year.


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