Dear Muslims, Apparently America Hates You. (and fox news sucks)


Yeah yeah yeah.  I’ve kept my mouth shut about anything remotely political lately (barring the “health reform”, which btw I’ve changed a few views on), I’ve wanted to gather opinions and see how people react with out me yelling in their uneducated ears.  Yeah.  This time I’m opening my ever so offensive mouth.

Americans.  You fucking disappoint me.

*coughs* Okay.  I feel better.  I’m sure most of you with half a brain who even remotely pay attention to the world around you (which surprisingly isn’t as many people as I’d like) or at least have noticed the biased ass facebook statuses will have heard about this “controversy”. America is in an uproar because a Mosque may be built near “Ground Zero”.  I actually had to look up opinions on this because I couldn’t figure out what the fucking issue is.   APPARENTLY people think it’s “offensive”, “insensitive” and “just plain morally wrong” for people of the Islam faith to have a place to worship near Ground Zero.

This infuriates me on so many levels.  Didn’t anyone go to school?  Didn’t anyone take history?  Doesn’t anyone remember what the hell this country is founded on?? Jeeez.

Okay, lets just go over this again, even though we really shouldn’t have to after these years… All Muslims didn’t get together in a tiny basement and plan to fly a fucking airplane into the WTC.  Fucking Psychopaths did.  NOT ALL OF THEM.

Oh.  And don’t forget.  Americans are Muslims too.  And what do we get in AMERICA?


I get to believe in the spaghetti monster and worship naked in my basement.  You get to believe in Christianity, You get to believe in Judaism, You get to worship Buddah.  WHAT THE FUCK EVER.  In America, we have the right to worship.  ANYWHERE WE LIKE.  That is the fucking point of America.  Muslims have the right to build a Mosque wherever they fucking please (barring zoning). ITS A RIGHT.

Not only Christians died on 9/11 people.  America is not a purely Christian country.  Sure we have the right to protest Muslims building a Mosque because that is a RIGHT too, but the fact that people are disturbs me.  GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.  Rally for/against the death sentence, war, whatever, but a CONSTITUTION GIVEN RIGHT?  You make me vomit in my mouth.

Sure be offended about a holy place built near ground zero.  I’ll be over here feeling offended that I have to consider you a fellow American.


One thought on “Dear Muslims, Apparently America Hates You. (and fox news sucks)

  1. Emily

    I have millions of things to say on this one… lucky for the world I haven’t had any coffee yet, lol. I do not support any one major religious center on ground zero. But then again I don’t own the place either. Just don’t feel so sorry for the muslims… they knew this would cause a stir. *grabs coffee* *chugs coffee*

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