Time to Keep it Moving


What do you do when your health fails you?  When you get frustrated with doctors and hospitals and medicine?  What do you do when you feel lost and you’re starting to wonder if things will ever get better?  When you feel alone in a room full of people?  What about when you get so frustrated all you want to do is go back to bed and pretend each day didn’t happen.

You keep moving.

Sometimes life sucks.  Obviously.  But you know what?  Only you can make it better.  Only you can make progress.  Only you can own your future.  If you don’t strive to make a better life for yourself, it’ll never get better, it’ll never look up and you will still be at the bottom of that hole with dude telling you to put the lotion on its skin.

Keep it Moving.

So after my adventure last night which lost me hours at work (and I don’t feel like discussing) I’m trying to look up again.  I mean hell, it honestly hasn’t gotten me down.  I’m just physically tired.  I have a big to do list today and no energy.  Those meds kind of screwed up my stomach (well more so) and I’m not in the happiest of moods.   Ugh.

So today I need to go grocery shopping.  I need to drop the short one off at Tim’s house ( a whole other can of worms).  I need to run to Kenosha.  I need to take care of the cats.  Then I have plans tonight.  I really hope my plans follow through, I’ve been looking forward to them all week.  If they don’t, I’m just going to read in bed, so no loss either way I guess.

Sunday will be a chill day.  Monday I am off of work as well, but I have my second interview for that job I’m interested in.  I really hope I get it even though my current boss is going above and beyond for me.

Oh.  I have to mow my lawn too.  Lame.


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