I have to do it.


September 11th

We will always remember

(for at least 20 years or so)

(don’t hate, you don’t know the back story)

The twin towers.  New York.  Planes.  Pentagon. Flight 93.  Where were you?  I was in study hall at Warren Township High School.  I was dicking around throwing shit at people who were clearly trying to do their homework because, well, why should I be the only one annoyed in there?  A teacher came in to speak to mine and they turned the t.v. on.  I almost didn’t pay attention.  I looked up and the first plane had already hit.  It took me a minute to realize that the plane had hit a US building, and then that it was a terrorist attack.  Then the 2nd plane hit.  I remember sitting there as the 2nd plane hit just holding my pseudo desk, thinking “Well I guess we’re not the best country out there any more”.

Shortly after the school was locked down and the t.v.’s were turned off (I believe via the main hook up because many teachers protested) to cut down the panic.  Kids were crying.  Friends of mine had parents on  planes, one was a pilot.  One of my friends mom worked in NY.  I just sat there.  Did we seriously get attacked?  SERIOUSLY?  I remember thinking, “Dude, we better kick some serious ass for this bullshit”.  (yeah that worked out great didn’t it).

When I got home, I watched clips of people jumping out of the windows of the towers.  People screaming for help.  The panic on the ground.  The fall.  I watched them over and over again and gave myself nightmares.  I had even more nightmares about Flight 93, even though that is/was still one of the best heroic stories I’ve ever heard. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Airlines_Flight_93

I did not lose anyone on 9/11.  I was not directly impacted.  But I understood what it meant for America.  I cried and mourned the people lost.  I remember the emergency personal that we lost that day(s), and I remember the heros on Flight 93.


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