We told you that was a dumb idea!


…and oh my god, I wish I had listened!  Marriage.  At a young age.  It’ll all work out right?  *headdesk*  Yeaaah.  $2,000 later (thank god my ex was/is broke) and I’m single again.  I mean, it didn’t matter that he didn’t have a great job, or that I was 10 years ahead of his life.  Who cared?  I was 20.  I knew what I was doing.  Hell.  I had already been on my own for years.  C’mon, it sounded good.

Psssh.  I swear to god.  I consider myself the poster child for waiting to get married.  (That and waiting until you’re 18 to get tattoos) I got a great kid out of the deal, but jesus mary and joseph was that a giant headache.  I almost think I’m jaded when it comes to marriage now.  I’m sure some of you have heard me say I’ll never get married again, in the bare minimum I’m running a drug test, credit check and job history.  Yes. I’m 24.  Yes I know you think I’ll change my mind.  Hey, will you pay my attorney what I owe him?

I mean god, it wasn’t like I wasn’t forced to grow up early as it was, I just had to push the dime a little further and get a divorce under my belt.  The fucked up part is… if we had put off getting married, who know what would’ve happened.  Seriously.  Maybe he would’ve grown up, maybe I would’ve decided to be a nun.  Maybe we would’ve split ways.  But at least I got my Noodlers now.

This has set forth Sarah’s rules for marriage.

– Live together for 2 years before hand.
-OH MY GOD GET A GOOD JOB, the girlfriend should never have to find her boyfriend a good job
-Savings Accounts.  Both of you.
-Think you want to get married?  Remember the worst fight you had with a boyfriend, then imagine NOT being able to break up with him.
-Seriously listen to your parents, they really do know what they’re talking about (thank god my Dad is computer illiterate and can’t gloat on my blog)
-Talk about what you want out of a marriage, what you both expect.  Set ground rules.. you know, equal chores, child care if ness, work, stuff like that.  If you dive into a marriage blind…well… yeah… have fun.
-REALLY know someones past.  This one is self explanatory to those who know me… or rather TIM.

Oh my god.  Don’t get married until you’re thirty.  Or 40.

Did I mention I’m the crazy cat lady?


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