Why I Hate Facebook. (STAB)


Ahhh facebook.  What would we do with out it right?  God knows with in the first 10 minutes of running into someone I haven’t seen in 10 years I ask “You have a facebook?  Add me”.   So much easier than giving out my number and having to deal with them immediately.  Plus.. that way I can always forget to “confirm” a friendship.  Facebook has it’s up side, it does.  Oh.. like self-promoting my blog, and annoying the crap out of my friends with my hourly nonsense status updates.  Oh yes.  And posting 45 music videos with hopes that people in Lake County might, just might get into some good music. :)

It does have it’s annoying factors though:
1. Events.  While it is easy peasy to invite people to a party/show/cannibalistic ritual via facebook, it’s gotten quite obnoxious.  Ie: If I’ve NEVER been to one of your shows, HATE your music, and pretty much have ignored you for a year… why on earth would you keep inviting me.  I swear.  I get at least 20 invites a week.  Now don’t think I’m trying to say I’m popular or even remotely tolerated in most circles… hell half of these shows I wouldn’t even tell you I got invited.. it’s just too embarrassing.  Uck

2. The unimaginative picture whore.  Okay, god himself has complained about how many pictures I’ve posted.  Yes.  I’m a camera whore.  But at least I have funny faces or wanted you to see the skank in front of me who cut me off.  I try to make my pics interesting.  A few people on my friends list, ironically people I haven’t spoken to or even seen in YEARS post a lot of pictures of themselves.  Ooookay there hunny.  I realize you’ve lost weight, but can you please stop taking those weird awkward angle shots of yourself?  While you’re at it can you PLEASE try out a new facial expression?  Out of all 210 “All  about me” pictures…. same fricken facial expression.  Change it or I’ll change it for you.

3. The *Lets write an entire fucking book and put it in my status* posts.  Okay.  Status updates.  I do not need to know that you wiped your ass at 10am, then went shopping with mommy and saw these cuuuuuute jeans then you’re going home to make din din and cuddle with your hubby and that you hope all us facebookers have a safe and wonderful night.  If your status is more than 2 sentences… don’t post it.  Seriously.  You know everyone hides your statuses right?

But I’m still on facebook.  Why?  I don’t know if I could survive with out it.  *facestab*


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