Gag me with a rusty spoon.


Crap.  I just wrote an entire blog entry, read it, and deleted it.  I can’t write for crap today despite all the shit rolling around in the thunderdome (also known as my brain).

I think today, I’m going to be obnoxious.  I’m going to post about POSITIVITY. Take that one and choke on it America.

Seriously though folks, why so negative?  What’s the point in always being in a bad mood, always complaining.  If you can’t change a situation, you need to move on and deal with it.  If you can, then fix it.  If it’s small and petty, just stfu already.

Positivity honestly helps.  Sometime in your life you’re going to be in a hard situation whether it be financially, medical, social/romantic, or just general-your-life-is-annoying-you-right-now.  Look at it from a 3rd person perspective.   For example:  You’re broke this week and rent is going to be late.  What you need to do is analyze the situation.  Lay out your options to fix the problem, try them, and you know what?  If nothing works, then keep on trying but don’t dwell on it.  Tell me exactly what sitting on your couch freaking out is going to fix.  Selling your tv might help, but whining?  Nope.  Not really.  Things will get better, trust me.  No matter the situation, you will fix it, adapt or change other aspects of your life to remedy the issue.

Sure.  Everyone  gets down and out sometimes.  It happens.  Life is rough, but a lot of the complaining I listen to is over really petty shit.  Things that are really a waste of breath.  For instance:  First thing this morning I got violently ill, am sick with a cold, and my daughter woke me up to the sunrise.  Yeah.  It’s been a crap-tastic morning, but if I sit around and dwell on it, nothing is going to change.  Instead I’m going about my day (with a tad bit more coffee and dreams of Green Death Flavor induced sleep tonight) and working to make it better.  I could sit here and post 83 different facebook statuses about how my cat crapped on the floor and my neighbors are brawling on the side of my house, but what is that going to change.  Instead I changed the cat litter, told my neighbors to stfu and made more coffee.  The suns out, it’s going to be another warm day and I get to work tonight… life could be much worse.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had some major tragedies and problems occur in my life that I have a more positive outlook, but I think your past should really force you to look up and out.  Why not look at things thinking about what GOOD you do have?  Why waste time dwelling on the bad?  If I dwelled on the bad, or hell just the crap I’m facing right now I’d most likely take my Klonopin and finish off the Jack Daniels.  Seriously though, where would that get me?  Drunk and on the 3rd floor of St. Therese.

So America.  Cheer up.  Quit your bitching.  Make some coffee and get over it.


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