With Out Fail… *facestab*


This blog entry is bitching.  Purely bitching.  If I don’t vent I’m going to cry.  So I’m doing it here and then going to hide in the shower for 10 minutes.

This morning when I woke up, for the third time, I laid in bed this morning for a few minutes listening to my daughter screech “Mom, I need to wash my hands!” and flat out prayed that this morning would be easy and I’d make it through the day with out tears or homicide.

Yesterday I felt like crap, made it through the morning (being highly productive if I don’t say so myself) but felt like complete and utter shit by the afternoon.  Work dragged but I made it.  I came home, and relaxed and drank enough OJ that I’m pretty sure the orange farmers can buy a new BMW off of the profits.  I went to bed early vowing that today I would feel better because honestly, what single mother (or any mother for that matter) has time to be sick (and I’m talking chest cold, not Crohns)?

I was awake around 4 hours last night.  Coughing, Sneezing, and the newest addition to the *lets-make-Sarah-miserable* party, throwing up.  I topped out at 103 degrees yesterday, had a 101 this morning and then promptly (in a fit of tired rage) threw the thermometer over my fence into my neighbors trash heap.  So it was not a good night.

So like I was saying, listening to Noodle screech I prayed for a good day and so far it’s not going as planned.  I woke up to a child covered in caramel.  It seems she scaled the counters and got into the candy.  I clean her up and immediately get Crohns sick.  I’m dealing with that and hear a giant crash in my kitchen followed by my daughter yelling “NO CAT BAD CAT GO TO BED!”.  I walk in the kitchen to see my cats had knocked over my crock pot of potatos and carrots.  Yeah that was fun, but even more fun was cleaning up the ripped open trash bag the cats pulled out of the can.  Who knew spaghetti bits stuck so well to the floor?

My daughter is picking today to complain the most.  My cats?  yeah.  Dogs?  I locked them outside.  My house is a mess, my front door is now missing a ton of paint via Noodle and I would give anything to go back to bed.  No.  I have to work tonight, and my supervisor won’t let me stay home.  I’m ready to cry.

Time to take a shower.


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