Where is my wine in a box?


No seriously.  Some one go buy me fucking wine in a box.  Now.  I have a fucking bendy straw for it already.  White trash yes?  But cheap Merlot will calm me the fuck down.  I have had a pretty stressful/crappy/homicidal/scary day and to think now I’m going to have issues sleeping.  Greeeeaaat.  *headdesk*

So let me start from the beginning, even though I’m ITCHING to write about what just happened.  Before work, I actually had a nice day.  Made a big pancake breakfast for the kids, cleaned up and got to read my book for a little while.  Drove into work in a decent mood.  I get there and look at the schedule.  Woow.  Okay.  2 weeks ago I had 6 days a week and 40 plus hours (out of nowhere).  Then the next week I had 4 days.  Then  this week I have 3 days (1 of which I had to take off).  So I’ve been a bit bitter but whatever.  Well apparently, no more.  I have a full week including 3 doubles and the way the shifts line up it makes it damn near impossible to go out.  This weekend I’m in class so no going out.  The following week’s schedule is the same.  Yeah.  Normally that would just plain irrk me, but whatever, hours is hours right?

So I’m actually taking a real look at the schedule and I noticed that 2 kids on the night shift get EVERY Friday and Saturday off.  I figured hey, they’ve most likely been here for longer than the rest of us.  NOPE.  *I’ve been there MONTHS longer*.  WTF.  I have NEVER had a Friday or Saturday off with out calling in sick.  So I’m getting pissed, but I keep looking.  2 people on the day shift (which I also work) have 2 consecutive days off, the same days every week, and *I’ve also been there longer than them*.

Let me give you a little background.  This job has been very tolerant of me and has helped me with hours on several occasions, but my schedule has always been erratic and my hours fluctuate like crazy every week.  I had been promised regular hours on day shift, but that never happened.  I had been promised regular schedules and that never happened.  I have been promised permanent bartender (instead of main out of 2 others)… yeah, so the schedule has been on my last nerve for a while.
So I see this and flip the hell out.  One of the kids who has every Friday and Saturday off picked right then to ask me what was wrong and I asked him why he had those days off.  “Well… uh… I go to school during the week and want to be able to hang with my friends on the weekend!”  I freaked with “That’s fucking BULLSHIT”.  I’m 24 years old with a daughter, I’d like to go out with  my friends, spend regular time with MY family every once in a while… why is this 18 year old punks life more important?  What’s he going to do?  Go sit at Denny’s?  Fuck that.  So I’m tweaking out and Kira asked me what’s wrong, and I (in the middle of freaking out) tried to quit, but Ducky (bless his big ass) slapped his hand over my mouth at the last moment.  So I finished up work, and left.  My boss has been calling me, I refuse to answer.  As far as I’m concerned, they are just a paycheck albeit a small one.  The voicemails are all “I know it’s a rocky schedule… but you’re our most reliable server… best server… experience..” yada yada yada.

So there.  There’s that.

I pick up Noodle and head home.  I pull into my neighborhood and spot the lights from a squad car.  Oh noo.  What’s a squad doing on my street?  Wow, that looks real close to my house.  Well SHIT.  That IS MY HOUSE.  Dammit.  Apparently shortly before I got home my alarm started going off.  It went off for about 10 minutes before my neighbors checked on it (it no longer notifies the police… financial issues).  I set it off at least 2 times a week so they thought I did again for a while.  Eventually they called the cops and the cops checked in.  Front door is kind of busted (but I have my trusty screw driver), and my tv was knocked over, but other than that, thank god for being poor and having nothing of value.  LMAO.  I filed a report and the police left.  Now I’m just skeeved out and want a drink.

Or like 5.


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