Since I have to get up early…


… instead of sleeping I’ll write a blog.

So while in my classroom portion of my motorcycle safety class I pondered many things (seeing as how the fact that the teacher had to go over what side the clutch is on 3 times I quit listening).  A couple of my friends are in new relationships, and the opportunity to be in a relationship is poking it’s head out at me repeatedly, and it makes me wonder what the hell happened.

It seems like people jump the gun too much lately, I mean for my taste.  Boom meet boy, boom you’re dating, boom you moved in with him, boom getting married.  Oh god please don’t insert baby in that mixture.  I mean, I’ve moved fast in the past and I just don’t understand it anymore.  I kind of catch a lot of shit for it too.  As I said to someone the other day, I move slow… like molasses baby.

I refuse to dive head (or ovaries) first into a relationship (again).  Period.  I want to know someone extremely well before I claim them as mine.  I want to take time.  Time to talk over coffee, go out to dinner, figure out if we have at least some of the same hobbies.  You know.  Get to KNOW the guy.  I’m not much one for wasting time.  So no, I will not waste months on someone just to figure out “well, hey I guess we’re NOT that compatible after all” or to discover the that they way they chew makes me cringe and think about stabbing them in their sleep.

It’s called dating people.  Seriously.  Now the “new” dating where you meet someone and you think you like them and all of a sudden you’re exclusive.  No.  Dating as in you go out on DATES (thank god I’ve finally met someone who understands this, lets just hope it continues) and get to know each other.  Then down the line you become exclusive.  Is that too old, or hell too new fashioned for society today?  I’ve had people nudge me in the ribs and say, so are you his girlfriend yet?  NO.  I’ve known him for 2 weeks.  Hell, that doesn’t even work if I’ve known you for longer.

Why the rush?  What could possibly go wrong by waiting?  You discover you don’t like him that much? Or worse, he discovers he doesn’t like you?  In my minds eye that’s the way it should be.  You can still do things like support each other with out the title.  You can still cuddle.  And OH! Gasp!  Have sex!  But why tie yourself to someone else so quickly?

I guess I’m just out of the loop.  Too old/new fashioned.  Maybe this is why I’m Chronically Single, but you know what?  I’d rather spend my time getting to know a man and making sure he’s right for me.  I like to take my time baby, and if you don’t want to spend yours then…. I guess it’s your loss. :)


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