Those little freaking moments.


So every mom has one of these moments.  EVERY LAST MOTHER.  If you say you don’t/haven’t.  I call bull-shit.  It’s that one moment… it may happen once a day, once every few weeks, or once in your child’s life.  You have that moment, where you “facepalm” and think…

“This is NOT what I signed up for.”

Today’s moment: I picked up Noodle from her Dad’s house not too long ago.  She’s not feeling especially good so she’s a tad bit cranky.  After a bath and some playtime I let her have a piece of my chocolate (you know, the chocolate that is hidden… that if any child touches, I implode) and made myself some coffee.  She finishes her piece and immediately asks for “two candies”.  I tell her “No, maybe after dinner” and a full blown tantrum ensues.  It was bad.  I stuck my ground though.  At one point she stood next to me “crying” and said “Look Mom, I’m crying, can I have candy?”  I immediately shook my fist in her dad’s general direction, and then thought “This is NOT what I signed up for.”

The point is.  Every parent has a bad day.  Every child has a bad day.  It’s completely normal.


Now where is my box-o-wine?


2 thoughts on “Those little freaking moments.

  1. Emily

    Your child and my child must be chating via the interwebs lately. I asked the boy why he was being so rotten today, his response “Because I love you.”

  2. JenN-Moo

    Oh GAH! I have those moments sometimes once or more times a day. But yesterday had the opposite one. We went to RenFest and they big boys each got a “souvenir”. Wyatt was upset that he couldn’t get a necklace like Mason, but he’d pick some sand art. Jeff melted down on him and as he and I lagged behind the others I told Wyatt “Instead of complaining about what you didn’t get, you really should be happy with what you got. Mommy didn’t get anything and neither did Daddy.” When we were in the car Wyatt said to Jeff, “You know Daddy, with what you got me, I can’t ask for anything more than spending time with my family!” Parenting is hard, and we all have bad days and moments, but those good ones MORE than make up for the bad ones. You’re an awesome Momma with more to deal with than most. And you do it all with style. <3 you!

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