No, I’m not drunk, just over caffienated.


I know I am overly optimistic at times, and have been called an “over-achiever”.  I know I get on people’s nerves, but you know what, I DO hold people to high standards.  In my eyes, anything you want, you can have you just have to make it happen.  There are always going to be obstacles in the way, but ANYTHING can be accomplished if you want it bad enough.

I guess I’m just kind of sick of hearing my friends/family complain about not being able to do something/buy something/whatever.  If you want it… freakin’ do it already.  There are NO excuses to just sit back and let a much wanted opportunity pass you by.  Get on the ball people and create the life you want.

For example.  All summer long I’ve been itching to get my motorcycle license.  Nick introduced me to riding minis and Clay, dirtbikes.  I got addicted, and after riding “bitch” for so long I decided I want to do it myself.
Long-term Obstacles : Lack of Money, No bike, limited experience, my family is against it, blah blah blah.
So, I enrolled in a Basic Rider Safety Course, which teaches you, and when completed you don’t have to test at the dmv.
Short-term Obstacles : (the week of), Work, Crohns severe flare, lack of money, Chest Cold, and no sitter.

Yesterday I completed the course.  I will have my license on Wednesday.  My Dad is happy I took the course instead of just throwing myself on a bike, the course provided bikes for you unlike the dmv, and I switched shifts at work so I could have the weekend off.  I dealt with 3 days of class coughing my lungs up, running to the bathroom every 20 minutes (Excuse me sir, let me park my bike, I’ll be right back I have to run to the washroom), and I had my ex-husband take her for the weekend since he doesn’t pay child support anyway.

It’s done.  My next goal, have a bike by spring.


You can do ANYTHING you want.  Just muscle through and do it.


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