I’m totally down about the Mcdonalds Monopoly game this year.


You know why?  Because it’s encouraging me to be stuff my face full of stuff that I’m sure is slowly killing me.  Plus I’m just plain pissy that I’m sitting here in stretch leggings because I couldn’t button my jeans after wolfing down that Quarter Pounder, fries and half of my daughters chicken nuggets.   You know what?  Guess how many play pieces I got?

Go ahead.


Freakin’ NONE.  That’s it Mcdonalds.  Our affair is over.  I’m returning to my first true love, Wendy’s, seeing as how they still rock 2 junior bacon cheese burgers at $2.19.  So eat that and choke on it.

Oh god.  I am so bloated.

I think I look 4 months pregnant.

Yeah.  Not cool.

In other news.  I was super productive today.  You know.  In the “I may or may not have just sealed the fact that I’ll be miserable and hating myself for the next 18 weeks” kind of way.

So.  Last winter I was going to school at DeVry.  Come spring, in the middle of the divorce and being sick I realized for the first time, I needed a break.  So I dropped out.  Yes.  I dropped 4 classes.  I took the summer off.  My school berated me and then left me alone.

I spent a summer out of school, working, binge drinking, spending time with my daughter and getting over a relationship that in essence pushed me into the divorce.  I worked, I danced, I played bubbles and put my toes in the sand at the beach.  I oogled the guy who works on my car after promising myself that I wouldn’t flirt with someone holding a tire iron every time I talk to him.  I started to get better with my Crohns and I started letting my heart heal.  I did things that made me happy.

I decided that regardless of the fact that I LOATHE school (I’d rather keep my functioning uterus on my bedside night stand than go back) I need to go back to school.

Today I talked to both my financial adviser and that stupid lady that swears she knows what classes I should take…. all while Noodle is licking the advisers desk.  I reapplied.  I submitted paperwork (financial aid guy says the last one screwed me out of $1000 worth of money in grants).  I grimaced when the lady gave Noodle candy.  And I registered.  Something about Sociology, Advanced English, Management something or other and…. crap…. what was the other one?  Well, a fourth class.

Welcome to Sarah: Full time Mom, Student, and Part time employee.

Someone remind me why the hell I want to go back to school?

Oh.  And take my bottle of Jack Daniels away when I have to write my finals.  Please.  It didn’t work out so well last time.  All though I just got a B instead of an A on my English final.


Oh.  Side note.  I got my motorcycle license today.  Yay.  Oh, and my State ID reprinted.  Because SOME delinquent totally lost it at the bar 2 years ago.  *snort*


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