It’s pretend time folks.


Ha.  I love how people like to play pretend.  It really amuses me, kind of like drag queens do, but on a not trashy-I-have-a-penis-under-this-hot-pink-mini-skirt kind of way.  I watch it happen every single day.  I watch people pretend that they aren’t living the lives they are.  I watch people pretend that they didn’t do something they shouldn’t.  I watch people pretend to be a whole different person day in and day out.

Why?  You are who you are and the things you do define you.  You do what you do because you want to.  Remember that.  I watched someone yesterday pretending to be someone I damn well know they’re not.  It was amusing to say the least but at the same time it was prob the most hallow, emotionally void thing I’ve ever seen.  So while it took a minute to get my chuckling under control, I was then overcome with the sense of sadness.

I guess I just don’t understand why people do things because it’s what society deems as acceptable.  Granted this is coming from the same person who just drank her coffee out of a beer stein while wandering across her street in her hot pink robe, so maybe I’m not qualified to be judging.  Still I wonder though.

Why take the morally right path?  The socially acceptable path?  Why do things if it’s not what you want?  Why lie about things you’ve done?  Why pretend?

The best is when people pretend something didn’t happen when it has an impact on someone else’s life.  Mistakes happen, choices are made in the moment sometimes, and if you don’t like the possible outcomes, you shouldn’t be making said choices, or you should man (or woman) up afterwards.

Pretending is comical.  Especially when it’s see-through.  I had an entire conversation yesterday with someone who was pretending.  Everything that came out of this person’s mouth was pretend.  About said person’s life, love, and hobbies.  It got to the point where while I didn’t feel completely comfortable bashing said person’s head against a wall, I sure giggled when I envisioned it.

Pretending to be someone you’re not just to impress someone of the opposite sex.  Equals Lameness.
Pretending something didn’t happen so you won’t have to face the consequences.  Equals Even more Lameness.
Pretending to be socially acceptable… when you’d rather not be.  Equals EPIC LAME.

Hi.  My name is Sarah.  I’m 24 and a single mother.  I work and go to school and make very questionable decisions on the weekends.  I am emotionally damaged but am moving forward.  I may not like school but am going back because I refuse to still be serving and bartending when I’m 30.  I dress like a skank to go to gay clubs.  I’m not the most calm parent in the world, but my daughter is my everything even if I don’t say so.  Oh.  And I think hot pink robes are sexy.

No one is perfect.  Why pretend?

Lets hear somethings about yourself.  If you can’t muster the balls to write them down or comment, make sure to just think to yourself.  No one is perfect, and it’s time we’re okay with that.  It’s time to man up and stop pretending.


2 thoughts on “It’s pretend time folks.

  1. Miss Tracie

    Hi! I’m Tracie and I’m a 27 year old divorced mother of the most amazing little man ever! I’m “over weight” but I’ve always been and I’m pretty much content with it. I’d say I have some trust issues. I’m a home body. Don’t have too many real friends. I’ve got a select few that I hang out with some weekends but they’re all in relationship with kids so I feel like the 3rd 4th 5th wheel most of the time. BAM! No pretending there ;-)

  2. Emily

    *snickers* Baby I’d bust your bandwidth with my, uh, special-ness. But the huble and I were talking about this last night as the girl would roll-over to her belly, scream and grunt in hatred because she couldn’t move. We’d roll her back over, and while still screaming she’d flip over again. She’s extremely determined and stubborn, almost to a fault. The moral of this rambling is that her and I are exactly the same… she’s just the un-abused, un-jaded, un-ruined version of me. ;p

    p.s. You made Avril sing in muh head. thanks.

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