Ooooo, is that an adam’s apple?


Halloween is upon us!  Halloween weekend is HERE!  I love Halloween because I get to see men dressed up as seaweed monsters (true story) and women dressed up as skanks whatever their little hearts desire.  Halloween is fun.  I dressed up as a totally not skanky skank last year and had a blast.  So much of a blast that those pictures are now in a hidden album on facebook.  This year I’m going (tonight) as myself when I was 16, and (monday night) as a rockabilly chick with out a heart.  Yes.  I will be skanky.

I’ll admit it.  I used to be a tad bit judgmental.  I just couldn’t fathom dressing like a slut cop or a slut nurse or a slut barbie.  Oh.  Barbie already is a slut isn’t she.  Well at least she’s not like the brat dolls whose legs LITERALLY SPREAD. Anyway, then I did.  And you know what?  It’s fun.  Then again, most monday nights you can catch me skanking it out at a gay club so I’m not sure what that says about me.  I came to realize, it doesn’t make you a bad person to dress like a dead hooker if it makes you happy… it makes you a bad person if you let your 13 year old daughter dress like a dead hooker.

Look, this all brings me back to my ever coddled hatred of neo-feminazis. I simply can’t stand those silly wenches and will find any reason to fight with them.  Hell, I have an entire forum STILL reeling over my “comment that brought women back to the 1950s” : I prefer to be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.   —

— Anyway, like I was saying.  Halloween gets the silly feminazis in an uproar because women like to show their asses and collect candy between their tits (or candycorn shots, true story).  It supposedly sets women back sooo far, women shouldn’t be admired just for their bodies and women who wear the latex red cat suit while “collecting candy” at the bar egg that on.  Their battle against “hooker-esque” appearances has kind of irked me this year as I thumb through my forums and see “Why would women want to objectify themselves?” and “How do they expect to get respect (red vinyl stilletos) wearing those?”  and my favorite “Way to be whores girls, and you wonder why men aren’t interested in your intellect!” (quoted from truu).

Okay.  *deep breath*  Time to eat some feminazis for breakfast, and be careful, I might just like it.

Yet again, I think these women need to realize the root of feminism is the right to have equal CHOICE.  You know, my previous arguments that my decision to stay at home with my daughter is in INDEED feminism.  Women fought for me to have the CHOICE to work or stay at home with my family.  Well guess what.  Women FOUGHT for the CHOICE to dress how we want.  Doesn’t anyone remember the bare breasts of the past decades?  The rallies?  Bra burning?  Dude.  Feminism is the opportunity to slip on those fishnets and mini skirt and feel sexy.  Why should we dress conservative to be viewed as intelligent.  I’m sorry, while I’ll most likely giggle if I see a neon green vinyl pair of panties masquerading as shorts, it’s her RIGHT to wear them.  It’s her RIGHT to wear them and NOT be objectified and to teach the world that regardless of the clothes you wear, no one has the right to hurt you or demean you.  (Side note:  I know a woman with an MBA and a CPA who is going as a naughty nurse… EAT THAT)

Again you freaking Nazis.  Feminism is the fight for CHOICE, EQUALITY, SAFETY, etc.  Not CONSERVATISM, RIGHT WING ACTION, or being a frumpy butterball who can’t stand the idea of tits being a sexual object instead of feeding receptacles.



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