I’m on a roll. Where’s my butter?


Please excuse all feminist, over achieving, motivational crap
you’re about to read.  Hey. At least I’m not writing about the benefits of being a bar fly.

You know.  No one can control you.  No one can control  your life.  If they try, you have two choices: Accept the change, or fight it with every ounce of strength you have.  It’s your life.  You make it, you control it and you fix it.  Sometimes, things happen that can shake you, that can make you falter, change your outlook on society or your life.  You can’t help those things, but you can get back on your feet.  It’s hard.  It is.  Last night, I had a hard time sleeping alone.  I got up and checked all of my windows and doors repeatedly.  Locked and Re-Locked my car.  Peeked out the blinds at the slightest noise and let my dogs sleep with me.

My confidence was shaken last night.  I’m lucky enough to know how to handle a situation like that, but I was still up all night.  So there was an event.  It altered my life (ie: my confidence/feeling of safety).  So because I can’t change what happened, I will take steps to make myself feel more secure and take back control.  3 things.  I’m going to look into getting a handgun.  I’m going to look into purchasing mace.  Last but not least, I’m going to take a self-defense course.  It’s been a while.

Point being is that I still have control.  I will always have control.  End of story.  I refuse to let some gutter-fukk hurt me or mine.  I refuse to let someone control my life.  Sure, it threw me off, but I’m improving because of that situation.

Your life is yours alone.  You make the decisions and you shape the person you are.  Sure other people have a hand, but if you don’t like something, then change it!  You are in control.

If you lose control.  Get it back.


2 thoughts on “I’m on a roll. Where’s my butter?

  1. Emily

    Don’t know what happened, but I’m sorry it did. ;( Call me later this week, let’s get those girls up on some things to protect you and noodles. Lubs ya, stay safe!!!

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