annnnnd… DO OVER.


Ha!  It’s going to be one of those days.  I’m making a very valid attempt to roll my eyes and laugh vs. yell or get mad.  Grrr.  My day started at 4am this morning.  My Crohns woke me up and I was not very thrilled about it….

Seeeriously stomach?  I was totally dreaming about Keanu, like pre-he-looks-like-a-meth-head days, like SPEED Keanu.

*grumble gargle*

No.  I will NOT get out of bed.  I am staying in bed.  It’s 4 am.  I want Keanu back.  Maybe Kiefer Sutherland will join me.

*insert stabbing pain here*

Dammit.  I’m up.  I really didn’t feel like spending my morning in the bathroom.  Jack Bauer would never romance someone in the bathroom.  Stupid Stomach and not understanding anything.

Yeah.  So I was back asleep around 4:45.  Then 5am rolls around and my daughter is screaming.  She peed the bed.  So I’m changing sheets and complaining to my 3 year old that instead of Jack Bauer I ended up dreaming about my GI doctor, not to be confused with my super gorgeous surgeon.   I go to grab a pull up annnd… step in dog shit.  Yeah.  5:15 in the morning and I stepped in dog shit.  It seems that I made a mistake thinking that 2 5 year old dogs could be left outside of the crate.  I nearly lost it.  Was back asleep by 6am.   6:45 am and my daughter wakes me up by spilling her water in my bed… explain to me how she got through a locked door bedroom door (mine)?  I don’t know.

So here I am.  I am currently ignoring my child after we had this conversation

Moooooom, it’s too dark in here.  Too dark!

It’s fine baby, the curtains are blocking the sun, it’s coming right into the windows.

Moooom, open the curtains, it’s too dark.

*Sighs* Fine.  Then I’m drinking my coffee.

*opens curtains*

NOOOOO MOOOOM.  It’s too bright!  Close the curtains.  I want it darrrk!

At this point I literally banged my head on the wall and went to pour myself coffee.  Yeah.  Is it tonight yet?


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