Pink Robe Adventure #345


My dog hopped the fence and went after another dog… into my neighbors open lot.  I heard her hop it and rushed outside in my pink robe.  Over the fence I went (once I figured out what yard) and wrangled my dog.  I apologized to said neighbor and stumbled back to my house carrying a 50 lb dog and simultaneously pulling down my robe to cover my ass.  Tossed said dog into the yard and went to walk around.  I meet my 19 year old neighbor standing between our two houses with this wide-eyed I-think-I’m-scared-of-you-and-I-can-see-your-ass look.

What happened?

Star jumped the damn fence again, I didn’t think she remembered how.

Did she get the little dog?

No, not that the owner said.  Stupid Mutt.

So Sarah, um, you know that you are outside in your robe right?

*Snort* Yeah I do, it’s a tad bit chilly don’t yah think?

Yeaaah.  You’re lucky a cop hasn’t driven by.  You know they’d pop you for that AND your dog.

Yeah I know, but how cool would it be to be in handcuffs in THE robe???!!

What do you mean?

What do  you mean what do I mean?  *Snort* I love a man in uniform who can appreciate the robe.

Fucking A Girl, and people say I’m a crazy girl.

So now, every single member of that family has experienced a Pink Robe Moment since I’ve moved in.  For some reason they must like me still, which makes them the most bad ass neighbors ever.  :)


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