Peace Out. You did me a favor.


So today my supposed best friend told me (direct quote) “I feel sorry she (my daughter) will never know what a real home is.” As well as calling me a bitch, whore, and that I have nothing in my life.  *Sighs*.  Why?  Because I chose to spend my $25 the way I wanted, on top of paying her.  She babysits for me 2 days a week for 5 hours a day.    She got mad that I was only giving her $50 for the past two days instead of apparently more, when this whole time she’s been telling me it’s okay.  Hrrm.

You know what?  Fine.  But I refuse to pay a sitter more than that when I’m shit broke if I have to bring her food and know that she’s sitting in front of the t.v. the entire time surrounded by flies and cat pee and shit.  If you want me to spend my $25 spending money on you, I better not step in cat crap twice in one day dropping my daughter off.  So I’m sorry I went off.  End of story.  You can call me whatever you want, but as soon as you (stoop to the ultimate low) insult my family (aka my parenting and my 3 year old), I’m going to lose my temper.

People have been calming me down all day about all of this nonsense, and you know what?  I actually think losing this “friend” and my sitter is a good thing.  So I’ll find a new sitter.  But it’s better for my daughter and less drama for me.  A real friend would sit down and talk to me about this instead of informing me that she thinks I’m a terrible mother and that no man has ever wanted to be with me, that they just want to sleep with me (yeah she totally went there lol) .  I surround myself with people who want better in life, who strive to be better people, to make their lives better.  It charges me to improve my life, and unfortunately this “friend” doesn’t fit into that category.

So all in all, while I was pissed at first, then sad.  I’m kind of relieved.  One less thing I have to worry about.  Plus, I want some one to be  my friend for me, love me for who I am, not for how much I can help them and how deep my pockets are.  I just don’t understand how someone who claimed to consider themselves close to my daughter can say such things, but that’s why it’s time to take out the trash.

Good Riddance

“Times change and people change with them.  Some people love to play the victim”


2 thoughts on “Peace Out. You did me a favor.

  1. JenN-Moo

    *sigh* Sarah, you deserve better than a “friend” like that. You are AWESOME! You take amazing care of Noodle in spite of everything you go through and have to deal with. This is one person you should NOT have to deal with. You have so many friends that wish they could help but are just too far. Know that I support you from the many miles away that I am! (((HUGS))) Lubs ya lady!

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