Choke on it. Part… crap.


So the past couple of weeks have been a complete whirlwind.  Even for me.  Everything is crazy, the sitter thing (which is now officially resolved :)), meeting some one new, school, the house, family stuff, you name it.  For once though, at least once in the past few years I’m taking everything in stride.  I have a ton on my plate (as usual), am being a nazi about my schedual, but I’m… wait for it…. no I’m not buying a box of wine…. I’m NOT overwhelmed.

You all know me very well.  I over book myself then have an anxiety attack first thing.  I got so used to my blood pressure threatening to make my ear drums explode that I’m almost in shock at how laid back I am currently.  Okay, okay, I know that my “laid back” is still very high strung for a lot of people, but for me it’s… nice.  Instead of freaking out over everything I have to do each day, I can sit back, enjoy my coffee (while chasing the short one away) and logically plan out my to-do-list.  So THIS must be how normal people feel.

Update time.

As every one knows, I had an issue with my sitter.  A lot of good actually came from that.  It prompted me to sit down with my director at work and talk schedules.  My hours got cut because of the holidays, those damn university kids come home and work… go figure, and honestly the random days I get just weren’t working.  So now she knows I’m available Monday-Friday (a couple of different shifts) and I’ll have more of a normal work week.  I should be getting more hours after the holidays, and even if I don’t, she is still 100% okay with working around a second job should I be lucky enough to find one.

As for the sitter thing, I am very very grateful for 3 of my friends who have stepped up to help me out.  Noodle will love having playmates, whether they be kids or a big black dog. :)  These friends mean the world to me and have saved me a lot of hardship and renewed my faith in people.  Thank you three very much, I appreciate the help and if you ever need it returned just let me know.  That whole sitter ordeal could have very well made my life difficult, but instead my life as well as my daughters has gained more… normalcy and happiness.

School?  Well school will always be a pain in my ass but it’s going better than I expected, especially with how crazy things got.  Business Law will always make me want to stab myself in the eye (with a rusted spoon) and I still fall asleep on top of my laptop in every composition class I take, but it’s going.  I can’t wait to finish this degree and move on to the next.  I’m just glad I’m back on track to making a better life for my daughter and I, plus having new input into my brain is definitely a bonus.

My house?  Great.  My dad ripped up most of my carpet 2 weeks ago and moved out one of my beat up couches.  (Oh, and just because this made me laugh… fyi Putting in a laminate wood floor and remodeling my house and not having a “new couch”, doesn’t make me a neglectful parent) After thanksgiving he has some time off and the work will begin.  We’re doing said floors, winterizing the house, painting, putting up an archway and basically turning my house into the home I’ve always wanted.  I’m so excited and will willingly put up with a little dust and paint to see the outcome.

My ex?  Things are going good.  Our schedule switched again since he got a new job, and while that can be a pain in the ass I am very proud of him.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want to feed him to the 3 headed fish in lake Michigan most days, but I am extremely proud of him and happy for him.  He already has a very close relationship with the short one, and I’m hoping with some stability in his life we can work on our weird divided family to make things run smoother than they do.

The short one?  She’s doing well.  I’m actually very grateful for all the time I get to spend with her each day.  Yes second shift can be a pain, but it leaves us plenty of “Momma plays with me” time.  She’s getting used to a more tame schedule and is behaving a lot better now that she doesn’t have to deal with the stress of a 3rd party.  She’s super excited for Christmas and has been up my ass about the Christmas tree and such.  I’ve been trying to occupy her with neighborhood walks and the 3 year old equivalent of sports and I think she’s thriving.  I hated the fact that she sat in front of a tv every time I went to work and now she gets playmates and activities and good friends.  I have a bit more of a day to day schedule for her now, and am thrilled to see she’s sleeping well/getting a full nights sleep easily now… not so thrilled at her waking at the crack of dawn, but hey, that’s what coffee is for right?  All in all she’s good and has been making my life 100 times more enriched.  :)

As for me and my school-girl-esque giggling lately?  I met some one I really like/get along with.  I’m very grateful I was smart enough to pursue something instead of going the route of self-sabotage which is more of a norm for me.  He is a real sweetheart and a gentleman to boot, and the best part?  He’s just as “well rounded” or “random” as I am.  I’m hoping things keep going as well as they have been because I like having a smile plastered on  my face.

*Sighs*  Ah well.  So that sums it up all in a nice cozy lucid blog.  Ha.  Sometimes I think I need to go off the deep end every once in a while to write in the more favored style, but for now I’m enjoying this.  I’m off to shower and get ready for work.  I hope everyone has a great week.


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