Dear You, You and You,

You changed who I am.  You changed my life.  You changed my outlook.  You changed my standards.  You changed my priorities.  You made me love life.  You made me appreciate who I am on the inside as well as the out.  You introduced me to new things.  You made me leave my comfort zone.  You made me leave my world.  You made me love you.

No matter what happens I’ll always look to you for guidance, regardless of whether or not you’re still here.  I’ll always look to you.  No matter what happens I’ll always love you and will never forget you.  I’ll always look for you from my window, wish you were sitting next to me when I’m drinking.  Wish I could hold you when I’m dancing.

Sometimes I can’t believe your gone.  I drive past your house, I drive past our coffee spot.  I have to force your necklace out of my hand and into the box.  I just have to remind myself that part of you lives in all of us, all of the people you helped.  You’re never truly gone until we stop remembering.


It seems like I lose a lot of people I care for.  It’s definitely rough and it pricks through my thick skin.
Certain times of the year I start remembering and trip down memory lane, it’s not a bad thing, but my way of mourning.  So I have my drink, I write my blogs, I dance, I listen to the songs.  It’s my way of forming a memorial.


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