Bitchy Twitchy Witchy… er. Crap.


Warning this is a rant.  I currently hate 90% of anything that has a heartbeat.  Jesus.  So take offense.

Okay seriously?  I’m so fucking irritated today. Every little thing is pissing me off, and no I’m not pmsing.  I’m just a bitch.  So you know what?  I’m making a fucking list.  If you do something that is on it stay away from me until tomorrow.
I hate:
Cutesy lovey updates on facebook that involve the words: sweetie, lover, cute, and pretty much anything simular.
Cutesy pictures of your significant other.
Any mention of a good job and or good paycheck.
Good Friday and all included.
Anything involving health or weight.
My lack of drink in hand.
The asshole who cock blocked me on 45… from Arlington heights to Gurnee.
Geo Metros.
Comcast Cable.
Pandora for playing gay shit.
Gay shit.
My car.
My schedule.
Cocky Piece of Shit new employees.
Canyon Road Chardonnay.
Cheap ass old people.
Low Sales.
The assfuck in the white van who is currently parked in MY driveway.
Jehovah Witnesses who won’t leave me alone.
Stupid POS felons who think they can get into my pants….
…and bitchy “I’m a model excuse my wrinkles” girlfriends who blame me.
OH MY GOD. ADs on Pandora.
Bitches who sit on facebook and complain about shit but still let the same shit happen day after day.
Retail Employees.
Gas Prices.
Nicor Gas.


Yeaah.  Like I said I’m bitchy.  Now who is buying me a drink.  :)



3 thoughts on “Bitchy Twitchy Witchy… er. Crap.

  1. JenN-Moo

    I don’t THINK I am currently doing any of that. Do cutsey pics of my adorable 2 year old in a robe count? Cause he’s REALLY cute!

    Hope you find your happy again! <3 ya

  2. JenN-Moo

    Wine of WHINE? *teehee* He’s adorable, true, but there are days I just wanna strangle him, so I think we’re safe for now. *lol*

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