*Cue IV Coffee Drip*


Okay.  So I realize what I have learned numerous times before.  Wine gets me tipsy really quick… and I stopped drinking it years ago because even if I have just one glass, I get a monstrous headache.  But those of you who read yesterdays blog… yeah I could’ve easily drank the bottle myself.

I don’t know what the hell got under my skin yesterday but I was a HUGE bitch.  Everything was irritating  me and I wanted to just curl up in a hole and scream.  It was just one of those days I guess, I mean I didn’t kill any fluffy kittens or sell my child to gypsies or anything so I guess it’s alright.  I was just so irrationally mad it’s ridiculous.

So the night ended well.  K brought over a bottle of Cabernet ( that’s right ladies, my white trash ass didn’t drink wine out of a box for once :)) and we hung out while I played obnoxious music like Alan Parsons Project and he tried to pretend he still thought I was cool.  It was nice and my bad mood disappeared.


Today is a new day, albeit busy, but maiming Jehovah witnesses is no longer on my to-do list.  So lets hope it stays good.  )


One thought on “*Cue IV Coffee Drip*

  1. JenN-Moo

    I’m not a wine fan, unless it’s Arbor Mist. *lol* Glad you’re doing better. I’ve had those “get outta mah way before I maim you or worse” days too. too many lately. Maybe I need a night alone, seems I’m always surrounded by “people”.

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