Excuse me I’m tipsy.


Yeah.  True story.  I’m tipsy. And blogging.  This is actually a first… and prolly will be deleted once I realize I’m a huge sap.  Anyway.  I just wanted to thank everyone for such a great week and it’s  not even over yet!  Let’s see….

What did I learn this week and the week before?

-You’ll miss your best friend no matter how much he pisses you off.
-It’s surprising how the loss of a 3rd close friend in a year will destroy you.  (yes I have a 3rd funeral this weekend)
-My Altima beat the ever loving shit out of a “suped up” mustang.  Sorry Steve.  You lost man points there.
-Some of your closest friends are right under your nose.. and will have coffee with you while playing the “numbers game”.
-Industry Night is always amusing.
-I can still play “the game” better than any male I know.  Sorry boy.
-Police Officers appreciate reverse donuts at the same time as they’re telling you to leave the parking lot.
-I’m a fat kid stuck in a skinny kid’s body.
-Cherry Bombs taste like cough syrup and are officially off the menu.
-Sorry but regardless of your thoughts, I will never “bring you home” if you have a girlfriend and a baby at home.  You lost major points home boy… and your girlfriend agrees.
-While riding the 80cc with ice tires on the lake is great fun… after 4+ hours… it gets fucking cold.
-Men should not be psychotic… and no, just because you bought (and then was forced to re-sell) me a dirtbike doesn’t mean I “dig you”.
And most importantly.  Just because my standards haven’t been (re)met doesn’t mean I should ever lower them.  I’ve realized after much pondering the past 2 weeks that I shouldn’t have to stoop lower just because I’m single currently.  I’m aware I have ridiculously high standards and expect near perfection, but you know what?  That just means that the right person hasn’t stepped up yet.


And on that note… I’m taking my happy ass to bed.  Good night.  Sleep tight.


I’m sooo deleting this shit in the morning. :)



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