Get your ass off my window!


Oh the things you say to your children.  When they’re naked.  And showing the neighbors their girly bits.  Jesus.  I had to windex my window.   Never say never, because when you have children, you’ll catch yourself saying the weirdest shit.  “No, you CAN NOT put the pizza IN the Tv.”  “Why are you licking the dog!!?” “Sure kid, you come from a chicken egg in my tummy” and my favorite “Yes. Mommy has nipples too. No you can’t have a earring in yours.”

Children.  Kids.  Crotch Parasites.  The short one is what keeps me going whether or not I’d like to admit it.  She annoys the living crap out of me until I get off my ass and play naked barbies and ninjas.  Her idea.  Not mine.  Surprisingly.  I spent the morning obsessing about stupid shit and cleaning until she told me “Mom. Stop being mad. Be happy.” Then threw her barbie at my shin.  After putting her in a headlock until she laughed so hard she peed, we got down to business.  Until she put her ass on the window after dropping trow while shaking it to Paramore.  Then I decided to take a break and hop online.

You know, this year has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.  It had it’s extreme highs and extreme lows… and it flew by like the kid running from the 7-11 attendant the other day.  It seems like just yesterday I met B at pugs.  It seems like last week that I got on a mini-bike.  It seems like just the other day that I was testifying in court against my ex-husband.  It seems like a few minutes ago that I made plans to drink in my kitchen with N and fight over what music video to watch next.  How did this year pass so fast?  It seems like this past year… year and a half I crammed 10 years of memories into it.

I think (especially after battling my anxiety and depression) that after this one year I have learned and had to re-learn one thing.  It was re-iterated a little bit ago when I stumbled my own blog.  “Keep it Real Keep it Moving”.  If anything despite it all, this year has been a battle to be true to myself, be real to the people around me, and a constant battle to keep moving forward.  I may not have made a ton of financial progress this year, but I believe after all the hoopla crap I’ve made a bunch of emotional progress and continued to shape my bad ass self into a better person.

I just hope this trend continues.  :)

I’ve got to go though.  My kid just told me Nemo tastes good… and Nemo is on the tv.  Where’s my windex!?


One thought on “Get your ass off my window!

  1. JenN-Moo

    I love your kid! The things I’ve said? “No C, we do not touch our brother’s penis!” “NO! We do not try to bite each others penis'” “W! You do NOT sit on your brothers head in the bathtub!” “NO C! You will NOT eat me!” <—yeah, that one was said with a straight face somehow!

    Kids make us reevaluate the things you thought you'd never say.

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