finding nemo can bite me


So here I sit, watching Finding Nemo for the millionth time this weekend.  I’m actually starting to loathe this movie, despite my inane obbsession with Dori.  Alas its back on because the short one will not watch anything else at the moment.  *facepalm* 

So today is being spent stuffing my face, mainlining coffee and thinking about some questionable decisions I’ve made in the past 2 weeks.  It’s been a blast but it seems to me like I need to pick a path and figure out exactly what it is that I want.  Lately I’ve been functioning on a want-day-to-day basis, while I don’t see much harm in that, I’m not moving forward with much of anything… at least not to the extent I want to be. 

At this point it’s starting to come down to whether or not I should do what society expects of me, what my circle of friends expects of me or what feels right to me ie what I feel comfortable with in my own rights.  Society expects me to settle and take a modern route, to be quick about it and not put much thought into it.  My friends expect me to flake and get bored then move on to something new before I have a chance to breathe (which is basically what I do in their eyes).  I’m not quite sure… but I’m sure it’ll come to me.



2 thoughts on “finding nemo can bite me

  1. Emily

    um, that’s an easy answer… screw society and do what’s right for you… duh. And your friends should all be saying the same thing… unless you’re planning on doing something really dumb like jumping off a bridge, buying hot pink shag carpet or buying a big yellow school bus to tour the world with oprah… <3

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