3 days ago I was locked out of my blog…


… and this is the resulting “note” from facebook.   Grumble cakes.


Okay.  I’m fighting off an anxiety attack.  I have been trying to calm down for damn near an hour now.  It’s not working.  I need to write, but my internet won’t let me view secure pages, ie: my blog’s dashboard.  So for now I’m writing in here, and will eventually most the posts over to my blog… once the interwebz stops being retarded.


It’s definitely tough to make a decent attempt at keeping anxiety from ruining my life.  Thank god it’s not social anxiety, I think I’d just curl up in a hole and give up at this point.  I thrive off of the interaction with other people.


“Don’t mourn for me, you’re not the one to place the blame.  As bottles call my name, I won’t see you tonight.”


My way of coping with everything is to write.  Write in my blog.  Write in my real journal.  Write.  I write more than I do anything else.  There’s just something about putting my thoughts on paper that calms me down and helps me sort out the irrational thoughts inside my head.


Runner up to writing is music/dancing.  Something about feeling the bass rock through my bones clears my head.  I love music.  Music is in every single aspect of my life.  If I don’t have music playing, it’s safe to ask if I’m alright.  I’ve never understood how a person could live with out “a soundtrack to their life”.


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