This shit’s got me baffled. Like Charlie Sheen’s Shirts.


I’m trying to figure out exactly how I have managed to stay away from the peanut butter cookies that are currently taunting me from my counter top.  I mean come on now, they’re soooo yummy I ate 2, but here I sit.  Glaring at them.  Willing them to fall off the counter and into one of my mutts’ mouths.  I swear, with out fail.  I ALWAYS gain 10 lbs around the holidays.  I could be in the worst Crohn’s flare in my life and despite that my thighs show the evidence of mass chocolate consumption.  Seriously.  Oh.  And I also have puppy chow.  I decided not to eat any of it… seeing as how last year I ate almost an entire batch BEFORE going drinking and… well it didn’t end well… or taste that good the 2nd time.

The holidays.  Christmas.  Kwanzaa.  That 7 day Jewish Holiday that I can’t seem to spell right for the life of me.  Oh.  And New Years.  And Sunday, Monday, Thursday night football.  Oh and when it snows.  Or gets too cold.  Or. Um.  Yeah.  I use this season to stuff my face and laze around the house.  Chances are, if it’s my day off, I’m prolly sitting in my underoos on my couch eating something that resembles a diabetic coma and grumbling when I actually have to GET UP and use the bathroom.  (See.  I told y’all that we should invent teleporting)

Winter is the season of gluttony.  I’ll almost always choose candy canes over a run.  Crunches?  Only if I get to inhale hot cocoa with more marshmallows then cocoa.  Mmmm.  I love this time of year.


2 thoughts on “This shit’s got me baffled. Like Charlie Sheen’s Shirts.

  1. JenN-Moo

    Oh shush! You need to gain some weight any! Being sick has made you too thing! *muwah* You know I love ya! Everyone deserves a little gluttony in their lives. Seriously!

  2. JenN-Moo

    Oh, and I don’t know what kind of shirts Charlie Sheen wears, but his character on 2.5 Men ROCK! ;) I love a man in a bowling shirt.

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