The New Year…


will be filled with lots of changes.  And lots of whiskey.  But more changes.  I promise.  I mean, I can’t divorce my husband Jack D, so he’ll be there, but so will a lot of crazy different shit.

This past year has been a whirlwind.  I’m glad it happened, but quite honestly it didn’t go the way I wanted.  I mean, I definitely didn’t go backwards like I feared, but I didn’t go forward more than a few steps.

Sure plenty of good things happened: I went back to school.  I learned that love is out there as well as a good guy who will kick my ass into gear.  I got divorced and got custody of my daughter.  I started remodeling my house.  I got a good job.  I improved my social life by nurturing a friendship no one approves of.  I lost another friendship, but this is definitely a plus.  I realized that I have a panic disorder/depression and am starting to treat it.  Among other things.

But some mediocre and down right nasty things happened:  I realized my school is a rip off.  My job dropped my hours.  I unintentionally got my heart broken (but I still don’t regret him… like I said above).  I got in another accident.  I fought with my now best friend and almost ruined his and my friendship.  I had epically bad timing in the same sense.  I got sick again.

This past year was just a hodge podge of things good and bad.  Kind of counter productive.

I’ve been attempting to get things back on track this month and figure out my exact goals.  It’s been stressful, and kind of eye opening.  It needed to be done, and I need to continue.

So this year I’m making some changes.  I’m being more proactive in my job search.  I’m changing my school.  I’m focusing on my house/family.  I need to figure out who I am as a person before I devote my time to a man (besides something could happen next april).  I need to get back on the health wagon, improve my eating and find some activity indoors to last for the cold months since I rather not run in the ice an snow.

A lot of people set their new years resolutions for something material.  While that’s nice I think this is more productive.


One thought on “The New Year…

  1. JenN-Moo

    Life doesn’t go as planned, that’s just a fact. The fact that you weathered it and came out a better person (by knowing what you want and need to do to get it counts as a better person) is all that matters. You take care of you and Noodle and do a fantastic job with the crap thrown at you. Surely those shit throwing monkeys will back of some day, right?

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