Personal dialog.


Me: I wonder if its strange that I talk to myself.

Myself: eh probably. But what else are you going to do? Talk to the mutts? They just sniff your crotch and stare at you.

Me: yeah which is either flattering or insulting. I haven’t decided yet.

Myself: is that why you showered? I would.  But then again..  it seems like I’m the sane half.

Me: the fact that you said “half” states otherwise.  Ftw.

Myself: dude. You just shook your fist at the wall whilst talking to Myself. I think I win this round. Oh and flabby arm jiggles activate!

Me: seriously go to hell. I thought we decided to refer to it as sleeping muscle.  Jesus, I can’t even agree on a personal insult when talking to Myself.  Is there any Xanax in the house?


2 thoughts on “Personal dialog.

  1. JenN-Moo

    My grandfather always said it’s ok to talk to yourself, even argue with yourself. But when you start losing, THEN you’ve got trouble!

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